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    Christmas Concerto

    This arrangement of Corelli’s famous “Christmas Concerto” features soprano cornet, two solo cornets and solo euphonium. Arcangelo Corelli was one of the first masters of the baroque period, a skilled violinist much admired by fellow composers like Bach and Handel. He was born in Fusignano, near Ferrara in Northern Italy in 1653. He studied in nearby Bologna where he became an extremely competent violinist. By the 1670s he was working in Rome and building a reputation as a composer at the important and powerful Papal court. By the late 1600s he was widely famous all over Europe, regularly invited to important courts and palaces. Although he had a huge influence on the virtuoso writing of later composers, his writing for string instruments was designed to be playable by average, often amateur players.His set of Concerti Grossi known as Opus 6 was not published in his lifetime. We think they were written around 1690, and they were first published in Amsterdam in 1714, a year after Corelli's death. A 'Concerto Grosso' is a concerto for a group of soloists (the "concertino" group) accompanied by an ensemble (the "ripieno" group) and was an important form in the Baroque era. Handel's very successful examples were modelled on Corelli's example. Number 8 from the Opus 6 set was commissioned by the Venetian Cardinal Pietro Ottoboni and bears the inscriptionFatto per la notte di Natale('made for the night of Christmas'). It was used as part of the soundtrack for the 2003 film 'Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World".You can view a sample score of this arrangement here.

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    Finale from Cello Concerto (Tenor Horn Solo) - Joseph Haydn - Owen Farr

    Originally composed for Haydn's long-time friend and cellist Joseph Weigl, the work was presumed lost until 1961 when a copy of the manuscript was discovered.This arrangement for tenor horn shows off both the lyrical and nimble qualities of the instrument. Scored in a concerto grosso style, with soloist accompanied by a "concertino" quintet comprising of two cornets, baritone, trombone and Eb bass, the whole band joins for the tutti sections.

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    Pastorale from "Concerto di Natale" - Arcangelo Corelli

    A delightful lilting dance from Corelli's Concerto Grosso in G minor, op. 6, no. 8

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    Concerto Grosso - Jan Van der Roost

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    Concerto Grosso - Derek Bourgeois

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    CONCERTO GROSSO (Brass Band Set)

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    CONCERTO GROSSO (Brass Quartet/Brass Band) - Sparke, Philip

    Please note: this is a facsimile set and printed to order. Recorded on Polyphonic QPRL081D Cambridge Variations (The Music of Philip Sparke Vol.1)

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