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    Shut Up, let's play - Hans Offerdal

    This march is dedicated to those who feel that playing is more important than talking. Conductors talk too much, musicians talk too much, and not least, parents of school band musicians talk way too much. Shut Up, Let's Play!Playing time: 2:35

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    Bolsover Castle - Gavin Somerset

    This work was commissioned by the Bolsover International Brass Band Summer School in memory of David Morris, a valued member of both the Summer School and Festival of Brass team. The light-hearted, traditional style March is playable by most levels of bands and following its popularity, has been declared the BIBBSS's signature tune. A donation from each sale of this title is being made to fund the 'Dave Morris Bursary Fund', to aid young people that need financial support to attend the Summer School. Course leader, Steven Mead describes the work as, "A really outstanding composition, based on the traditional March format, but with a freshness and excellent thematic material. It is a brisk march in 6/8 that is a delight to play and to listen to."

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    Polish Adventures - Gavin Somerset

    Composed for the All Saints Wind Band, Sheffield after their trip to Poland in the summer of 2003. This work reflects the different parts of the tour in four continuous movements... PROGRAM NOTES AS THEY APPREAR ON SCORE COVER I don't wish to ramble on with the program notes, do I do believe that if you know the story behind a piece of music, it just puts that extra something into the players performance. In 2002, the All Saints Wind Band, Sheffield, embarked on a 10 day tour of Poland. The group spent 28hrs on a couch packed with instruments, only to arrive finding Poland experiencing its worst summer in 70 years. In 2003, they decided to go back for another go! This time, luxury all the way, no 28hr coach journey, just a 1 1/2hr flight. This piece tells the story of the 2nd tour of Poland in four continuous movements... First the introduction. Early one morning, prepared for the drive to the airport, everyone tired, but excited. A day prior to this, some parents of the children set off in a van driving the instruments to the hotel, some 300 miles away. Bar 13 introduces the "Van" theme. Once arriving at the airport, the movements begin... 1. MORNING FLIGHT A very self explanatory part of the piece, and impressionist in its writing. Flying high over England and the channel, giving a sense of speed we were travelling at (compared to the poor lads in the van somewhere below us!) The Largo before F tells of the short coach journey to the hotel, and settling into what was our new home for 10 days. 2. IN THE STORM The weather was definitely an improvement on last year. So much so, that it became a regular event of the day to go and play rounders in a nearby field. This particular day however, with everyone concentrating hard on the game, it escaped everyone's attention that there was a very large storm creeping over the high mountain range near us. As the title of the movement suggests, the scene involved 25 of us running as fast as we could back to the hotel. Unfortunately, the heavy rain ran faster than us. 3. LAST MEMORIES As most of the people in the band were 18 this year, it was apparent that this would be their last event with the band. Many of the group had grown up together for the last 7 years and so, as the tour came to a close, there was a sense of sadness in the air, but everyone would always have the memories. 4. FINALE & HOME The van and the brave volunteers that went with it, set off the day before the rest of us flew home. This last movement reflect the whole tour, bringing back all the main themes from the different movements before arriving back at the school, just in time to see the van pull up. The "Van" theme makes its presence heard again towards the end. This piece was performed by the Wind Band at the leaving concert of many of the players in the band. I dedicate this piece to the band which is still functioning with new players, and to all those who took part on this tour.

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    Unity Series Band Journal - Numbers 522 - 525, October 2023

    522: Festival March - The Rescuers (Andrew Hedley)This exciting and bright festival march comes from a new contributor to the band journals. Andrew Hedley is a bandsman at Chester-le-Street Corps and a member of the Euphonium Section of the International Staff Band. This work contains inventive harmonic and melodic patterns and we hope this will be the first of many works from this composer to be seen in our journals.523: Moses and Pharaoh (Ralph Pearce)This piece owes its creation to the playing of the Montclair Citadel Young Peoples' Band in the Sunday School assembly every weekend. The song Pharaoh, Pharaoh is extremely popular and is sung with gusto and much movement. The presentation of this song derives for an accompaniment written for the band to play along with the singing. To widen its use, the spiritual Go down, Moses (STTL Vol.7, Part 2) was added to make the present composition. This music should have drive throughout and be played with a sense of fun.524: Lord, to thee (Alan Williams)This is a setting of the tune Hendon (T.B. 249). The piece uses the first verse of Frances Ridley Havergal's commonly associated text 'Take my life and let it be consecrated, Lord, to thee' (S.A.S.B. 623), and from there it takes its title.525: Song Arrangement - This is why (Noel Jones)This music is based on the tune This is why (T.B. 353) by Elisha Albright Hoffman and this two-verse arrangement reflects the great song of testimony Would you know why I love Jesus (S.A.S.B. 912). An associated scripture reference is found in Mark 10:45 'For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many'. The motif 'Would you know' occurs in the opening bars and is repeated throughout the piece, along with fragments of the first verse. The chorus confirms the hoy that Christians experience knowing that Christ's sacrifice has bought forgiveness for our wrongdoings.

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    St. Andrew's Variations (Score Only)

    This piece, written for the East Anglian Brass Band Festival in 1998, takes the form of eight variations and a finale, loosely based on the descending third motif heard in the initial theme. It was initially composed for junior band, and expanded and rescored for full band in 2006. There is no significance in the title, other than the fact it was written by a Scotsman to be played in the St Andrew's Hall, in Norwich!Alan Fernie was born and brought up in the Scots mining village of Newtongrange. From the age of 13 he learned to play the trombone both at school and with the local brass band, going on to study music in Glasgow and London. After a short period working as an orchestral musician, Alan moved into instrumental education, spending over 20 years teaching brass in schools all over the East of Scotland. It was during this time that he began to conduct and he has since directed bands at all levels, winning many awards. He first wrote for brass whilst still a student, and his music is now played, recorded and published throughout the world.In 2009, Alan was honoured with the "President's Award" from the Scottish Brass Band Association for services to banding. He is also proud to be associated as composer in residence with the acclaimed charity "Brass for Africa", with whom he spent two months recently teaching in Kampala, Uganda. Living in the Scottish Borders, Alan now works as a freelance musician, finding time to write, teach, conduct, judge, perform and act as compere throughout the UK and beyond.

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