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    Yes, We Have No Bananas - Frank Silver & Irving Cohn - John Lee

    This novelty song is known worldwide following multiple recordings by Billy Jones, Billy Murray, Arthur Hall, Irving Kaufman, and others. Benny Goodman and his Orchestra also recorded the work which has helped keep up the songs popularity since its initial release in 1923. Writer Frank Silver may have been influenced by an actual shortage of Gros Michel bananas in the early 20th century. Now arranged as a trombone solo, this arrangement has two parts; the first being accessible to most soloists with an optional continued section, which is more intricate for more advanced soloists to enjoy. A great audience pleaser and repertoire item.

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    Away in a Manger

    The music of Away in a Manger needs no introduction, and this lovely setting for brass band sets a beautiful sound. This brass band arrangement is not too difficult to play and it is very effective in the concert hall. Away in a Manger is a very popular Christmas carol, which was written in 1882. In Britain, a poll was taken in 1996 to ascertain what was the people's favourite carol, and Away in a Manger came joint second. The origin of the carol is now considered to be from America, despite claims that it was the work of Martin Luther, the German religious reformer. The carol is predominantly about the the time just following the birth of baby Jesus as he lays in his manger in the cattleshed. There are many varients worldwide, with the most common melodies coming from Cradle Song by William J Kirkpatrick and Mueller by James R Murray. The third verse is is absent from early versions, as it was thought to have been written later on 1892.

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    Apex - Peter Meechan

    Apex was commissioned by Mark Bousie and David Armitage (President of Sellers International Ltd.) for the Sellers International Youth Band to perform at the Action Research Entertainment Contest in Blackpool, 2007. Originally commissioned as part of a stage act with a magician, who levitated the soloist, Apex takes its title from the literal meaning of the word - the highest point.As well as being a solo for cornet, the piece also strongly features the percussion section, as well as the band singing!The solo part is equally suitable for cornet, flugel horn or trumpet.First performance:Sellers International Youth BandMark Bousie - ConductorJoe Murray - CornetPerformance notes:* The singing parts are written in transposed pitch, and should be sung to an a??aha? sound* The percussionists should feel free to add instruments (Such as bongos) and treat section C to the end as a guide, which they can change and build on* From section C until the end, percussion parts 1 and 2 may be played by one percussionist on a drum set

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    General Series Band Journal August 2016 Numbers 2158 - 2161

    No. 2158 Prelude - My God and King! (Paul Sharman)Based on the hymn tune 'Luckington', this music is a paean of praise to the Lord of all creation.No. 2159 A Christmas overture (Kevin Larsson)An exciting collection of well-known Christmas carols, originally written as a concert opener.No. 2160 March - A voice from above (Eiliv Herikstad)This march refers to a number of Christmas carols. It starts with four bars of 'Hark! the herald angels sing' followed by fragments of 'Joy to the world!' before James R. Murray's 'Den himmelske lovsang' is presented in full. 'Come children, come quickly' requires legato playing from the lower band.No. 2161 In God we trust (Ralph Pearce)Although the title derives from the United States of America's much-neglected motto, the music is a journey through to total trust in God and our Lord Jesus Christ. The tunes featured are 'In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust' leading to 'Trust in God'. Increasingly calm music leads to the more recent song 'In Christ alone, I placed my trust'. The music ends with a brief reference to 'In Thee, O Lord, do I put my trust' now in a mood of calm assurance.

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