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    The Gartan Mother's Lullaby | trad. arr. William Hill

    "The Gartan Mothers Lullaby"Dusk is drawn and the Green Man's thorn is wreathed in rings of fog,Siabra sails his boat till morn, upon the starry bog.A leanbhan O, the pale moon hath brimmed her cusp in dew,And weeps to hear the sad sleep-tune, I sing O love of you.A lovely Irish melody from Co. Donegal; the lullaby of a mother to her child. The song refers to a number of figures in Irish mythology, places in Ireland and words in the Irish language.The best known recording of the song was made by Meryl Streep in 2000.

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    Der Mond ist aufgegangen - Traditional - Jacob de Haan

    The lyrics to Der Mond ist aufgegangen (The Moon Is Risen) come from Matthias Claudius, one of Germany's best-known poets. The 1779 poem with the original title Abendlied (Evening song) was set to music by Johann Abraham Peter Schulz and has become perhaps the most famous Abendlied in the German-speaking world. Johann de Haan has created a delightful arrangement of this poignant melody. The wind orchestra can optionally be accompanied by a choir (Dutch and German texts are provided).

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