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    First Things First Vol.2 Full Score

    Following the success of Volume 1, here is Volume 2 containing 20 new pieces:Chorus Arrangement - Clap your Hands (Derick Kane)Easter Intrada (Nicholas Samuel)Father, we adore you ((Ralph Pearce)March - Give thanks to the Lord (Trevor Davis)Happy all the time (Martin Cordner)March - Hold On! (Erik Silfverberg)Holy Ground (Trevor Davis)Prelude - In this place (Nicholas Samuel)Marching Saints (Ralph Pearce)New Life (Ray Steadman-Allen)Intrada - O come. all ye faithful (Andrew Blyth)Send the Fire! (Erik Silfverberg)Soon and very soon (Derick Kane)March - Stand up for Jesus (Noel Jones)Song Arrangement - Thank You! ((Andrew Blyth)The Lord's my shepherd (Ray Steadman-Allen)There is a redeemer (Dean Jones)We give thanks (Ralph Pearce)Winter's Rock! (Andrew Blyth)Wonderful Lord (Martin Cordner)

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    Scripture-based Songs Compilation Full Score

    No. of TuneTitleRefernece1Above all powersSpring Harvest Song Book 2003, 12All for theeThe Musical Salvationist, January 19763All Heaven declaresMagnify, 24All the world is waitingThe Musical Salvationist, April 19875As we are gatheredThe Source, 296Be bold, be strongThe Source,387Be still for the presence of the LordMagnify, 78Beauty for brokennessThe Source,379Blessd be the name of the LordThe Source,5310Breathe 11By his handSing to the Lord, Vol.1, Part 112Come, now is the time to worshipThe Source, 66213Come on and celebrate!The Source, 7514Come, thou Fount of every blessing (Nettleton)Salvation Army Song Book, 31315ContentmentHappiness & Harmony, 1416Crown him with many crowns (Diademata)Salvation Army Song Book, 15617Cwm RhonddaSalvation Army Song Book, 57818Do something beautifulSing to the Lord Children's Voices Series, Vol.1219Faithful GodThe Source, 8820Father, we love youHappiness & Harmony, 1621Give thanks with a grateful heartThe Source, 1822Glorious things of thee are spoken (Abbot's Leigh)Salvation Army Song Book, 15723God in youSing to the Lord, Vol.9, Part 224Great is the darkness (Come, Lord Jesus)Magnify, 1425He is ableSing to the Lord Children's Voices Series, Vol.1526He is the Lord (Show your power)Magnify, 1927Healing ChristSing to the Lord, Vol.6, Part 328Here am I, my LordThe Musical Salvationist, July 199129His ProvisionThe Musical Salvationist, July 198530Holy, holy, holy is the LordSongs of Fellowship, 18231HosannaThe Source, 18232How deep the Father's love for usThe Source, 185; Songs of Fellowship II, 78033I am a new creationThe Source, 19134I dare to be differentSing to the Lord, Vol.1, Part 135I love you, LordMagnify, 2436I will run to you (Your eye is on the sparrow)The Source, 109337In Christ aloneThe Source, 131138In his presenceSing to the Lord, Vol.9, Part 339In his time 40In Jesus' nameSing to the Lord, Vol.13, Part 141In this quiet momentSing to the Lord, Vol.13, Part 342It is to youMagnify, 3043Jesus is Lord!The Source, 28444Jesus, name above all namesHappiness & Harmony, 3245Joyful, Joyful (Europe)Salvation Army Song Book, 1046King of Kings, MajestyThe Source, 30947Knowing You (All I once held dear)Magnify, 348Light of the world (Here I am to worship)Sing to the Lord Children's Voices Series, Vol.1049Lord, I lift your name on highMagnify, 3850Lord, you know that we love youThe Musical Salvationist, April 198351Love Divine (Blaenwern)Salvation Army Song Book, 43852MajestyHappiness & Harmony, 4553My Lord and Christ!Sing to the Lord, Vol.2, Part 254My Lord, what love is thisThe Source, 37055My Saviour's love (I stand amazed)Salvation Army Song Book, 17956Nothing but thy bloodSing to the Lord Children's Voices Series, Vol.1357O God of burning, cleansing flame (Send the fire)Salvation Army Song Book, 20358O happy daySalvation Army Song Book, 36559Oh to see the dawn (The power of the cross)Spring Harvest Song Book 2005, 6760Only by graceMagnify, 4861Power of your love (Lord, I come to you)Magnify, 3762Praise, my soulSalvation Army Song Book, 1763Praise to the Lord (Lobe den Herren)Salvation Army Song Book, 1964Regent SquareSalvation Army Song Book, 14765Rejoice!The Source, 43866Shout to the Lord (My Jesus, my Saviour)Magnify, 4367Sing and make musicHappiness & Harmony, 5568Spirit of the living GodSongs of Fellowship, 511; The Source, 46369Storm the forts of darknessSalvation Army Song Book, 69670Teach me to danceThe Source, 46971The light has comeHappiness & Harmony, 6372The Potter's hand (Beautiful Lord, wonderful Saviour)The Source, 64073The servant King (From Heaven you came)The Source, 11474The splendour of the KingSpring Harvest Song Book 2005, 9775There is a redeemerMagnify, 5976To be in your presence (My Desire)Magnify, 6177To God be the gloryThe Musical Salvationist, April 198878Wake up, O sleeperSing to the Lord, Vol.6, Part 279We are marchingThe Source, 53980We have come into this placeHappiness & Harmony, 7381We want to see Jesus lifted highThe Source, 55982When the music fades (The heart of worship)Magnify, 7083Who is on the Lord's side? (Rachie)Salvation Army Song Book, 707

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