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    Chicken Little (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Page & Robertson - Kraeydonck, Jan van

    One Little Slip from Disney's motion picture "Chicken Little". Duration: 03:10

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    Brass Monkey's Christmas - Gavin Somerset

    With so many bands now using the Brass Monkeys publications with their training bands, this latest release of the 'Brass Monkeys' series is our largest to date and includes a variety of works from the festive season. In this substantial publication of music, simple carols are included that can be performed to accompany an audience singing, or as standalone items. Some novelty choices of music have been included too. The 'Little Drummer Boy' is designed to give your budding percussionist the limelight they've craved all year around, whilst 'O Holy Night' will teach your front row the importance of the 12/8 time signature. Of course, no Christmas compilation would be complete without 'Jingle Bells' & 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas'. This publication will ensure your Brass Monkeys are not left out in the cold this Christmas! Music included is...AWAY IN A MANGER (Cradle Song)HARK, THE HEARALD ANGELS SING (Mendlesshon)LITTLE DRUMMER BOY (Carol Of The Drum) aA" playable without percussionIN THE BLEAK MIDWINTER (Cranham)JINGLE BELLSWHILE SHEPHARDS WATCHED (Winchester Old)O HOLY NIGHTWE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS

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    Brass Monkey's Warm Ups - Gavin Somerset

    Warm UpsThe perfect way to get your learners to warm up before a rehearsal. This publication features 4 warm up pieces that get players moving together and listening to the tuning of each other...Ups & DownsCrotchets moving over 4 notes in sections and then the whole band in unison.Scales AwayCrotchet scales that also provide harmonies with each other.Crispy QuaversGet your band playing Quavers together whilst moving over 3 notes.Slide AlongAn exercise requiring very little movement of the fingers, just the lips!These 4 exercises are then followed by 3 hymn tune arrangement of Belmont, Crimond & Blaenwern which can also be used as concert items by your band.

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    Brass Monkey's Ensemble Workout - David White

    This selection of music is the perfect all-in-one workout for your training band. Each piece contained within the selection serves a definite purpose (all of which are given below and are printed in the score). The "Ensemble Workout" balances musical exercises and pieces of music to ensure that the end result is a better ensemble performance over all. The pieces keep the players entertained whilst ensuring they listen and work with the other players around them. Drum Kit and Percussion parts are also included. The pieces (and their objectives) included areaA UNISON WARM UP & HYMN TUNEA MINOR TUNE - no key or time signature, no dynamics, accidentals for some (sharp)PLODDING ON - time signature but no key signature, no dynamics, accidentals for some (sharp, flat natural) staccato / legato playingLITTLE WALTZ - time signature & key signature, accidentals & dotted minims & ties D.S. al Fine & repeats with 1st & 2nd time bars no dynamicsLAZY LATIN - time & key signature, dynamics & accidentals, staccato / legato playing styles, sectional repeats with 1st & 2nd time barsTHE AIKIN DRUM - 6/8 compound time, March style playing, D.C. al Coda

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    Brass Monkey's Selection II - Various

    This selection contains four cracking little pieces from the pen of Jonathan Bates, Liam Riley and Martin Geovess. Each piece poses a different challenge for your training band, whilst ensuring they're fun to play and great to listen too. Jonathan Bates composed the 'Summer Hymn' and 'White Rose Dances' after being commissioned by the Deepcar, Thurlestone and Skelmanthorpe training bands for a massed event and are now available within this publicationaASONG OF THE VOLGA BOATMENSUMMER HYMNWHITE ROSE DANCESWENSLEYDALE RAG

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    Little Brass Monkey

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    Little Hymn (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    Little Hymn was composed by award-winning composer Simon Dobson (b.1981) to provide an alternative to the traditional hymn tune settings that provide one of the foundations of the brass band repertoire. This simple, haunting melody begins on a brass quartet without cornets. The full band joins for the second part, which rises to a richly textured climax before receding to a quiet, reflective close. Duration: 3.00

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    Judd: Excerpts from The Little Russian

    The nickname 'Little Russia' refers to the Ukraine from where folk-songs used by Tchaikovsky in his second symphony come from. This is a transcription of excerpts from the exciting finale of that symphony.

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    Sunset over the River Exe (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    From the little office in my garden where the composer does all his writing,there is a beautiful view looking westward, over the River Exe, in south Devon. It is a constant inspiration and makes me most grateful every time it is looked at. This little nocturne is the result of many musings and hopefully it will conjure up the atmosphere of the scene for all listeners.

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    The Little Drummer Boy (Brass Band)

    The Little Drummer Boy (originally known as Carol of the Drum) is a popular Christmas song. Here it is skilfully arranged by Philip Sparke.This set comes with a condensed score.

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