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    Earthquake - Jan de Haan

    On average, about eight thousand (mostly light) earthquakes occur worldwide each day. Composer Jan de Haan has always been fascinated by this natural phenomenon. Earthquake portrays the beautiful South-American peninsula, Isla Iberi which lies directly on a major fault line. The peace and tranquility is shattered by a major tremor and the terrified people flee in fear. In addition to showing the earthquakes destructive power, Earthquake also conveys the courage and faith of the industrious people of Isla Iberia, as they energetically start the reconstruction of their beloved residential area. Earthquake is dedicated to the memory of all victims of the devastating Asiantsunami which occurred on 26 December 2004.

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    Intermezzo from'La Boda de Luis Alonso' - Jim?nez arr Eric Crees

    The zarzuela is a kind of popular Spanish operatta but is scarcely known in this country. This fiery intermezzo from the Spanish master Giminez and first encountered by Eric Crees as an orchestral encore, oozes the essence of Iberia and is sure to be a stunning contribution to any brass band programme.

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