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    Heed the Word - Lucy Pankhurst

    Lucy Pankhurst created this impressive work in support of a charitable project, known in 2005 as Brass Band Aid. The organisation called for original compositions to be included in a follow-up CD release – Into Africa to help raise funds for projects in Adet, Africa, and to build awareness of the Make Poverty History campaign.Lucy’s creativity and imagination are very prevalent in this work – a complete mix of powerful energy and poignant emotions flow from the score. A strong use of pulsating drums are balanced with sheer tranquility and rich chords. It exudes hope and positivity and perhaps, through its title, offers a gentle warning to listen carefully to the concerns that are aired around us – not least in recognition of the challenges facing the very communities the CD was aiming to help.The work was recorded by the Prairie Brass Band, US and featured on the Brass Band Aid CD – Into Africa.

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