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    Prelude for Passiontide - Jan de Haan

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    Majestic Prelude - Jacob de Haan

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    Majestic Prelude (Brass Band) - Jacob De Haan


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    Suite Symetrique - Jacob de Haan - Menno Haantjes

    This playful three-part suite is largely based on symmetry. This of course is largely due to the relations of the arrangement of the themes; however, on the other hand, to the larger structures in form. The first part, (Prelude et Scherzo) has a solemn opening. Followed by it a related scherzo with many changes in time, this too is composed in a symmetrical form. In the second movement, Choral Dorian, the theme of the prelude is reversed and used in chorale in Dorian tonality. The suite comes to a close with Rondo d'Avignon. An annual theatre festival in a French city on the Rhone inspired this suite. It is a lively movement, symmetrically bought to a finish with a repeat of the prelude from the first movement.

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    Psaltrada - Jan de Haan

    The title of this piece gives a clue as to how it came about: Jan de Haan took the setting of psalm 149 from the Geneva Psalter of 1562 and created from this simple, beautiful melody a glorious, lively opening work for concert band. So it was that from a psalm and an intrada (prelude) a Psaltrada was born - for you to begin your next concert in splendid fashion.

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