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    SYMPHONY No.2, Finale from (Brass Band) - Mahler, Gustav - Harper, Philip

    One of the most life-affirming pieces of music ever composed, Mahler's 2nd Symphony, subtitled "The Resurrection", was first performed in Berlin in 1895. Mahlers interest in the mysteries of the afterlife is well-known and is a recurring theme throughout all his nine symphonies. Philip Harper has arranged the final passages of the 2nd Symphony, which begins with a profound hymn set to the words of Friedrich Klopstock??" Rise again, yea, thou shalt rise again. The music contains one of Mahler's magical transitionary passages, building in intensity, before the hymn is restated in all its majesty at the moment of glorious resurrection. This arrangement was performed as the finale to Cory Band's winning Brass in Concert programme in 2012. The publisher of this works suggests that it should be playable by 1st. section bands upwards.

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    I Vow To Thee, My Country

    Gustav Holst wrote his suite The Planets during the early years of the first world war. The expansive movement, Jupiter , contained a tune that Holst later used to set the poem by Cecil Spring-Rice, I Vow To Thee, My Country . Originally set for unison voices with orchestra, Holst adapted it as a hymn tune and called it Thaxted , named after the village where he lived for many years. The American composer, Geoff Knorr, incorporated Holst’s music into his score for the strategy-based video game Civilisation V, where it is used to depict the England of Elizabeth I. It is from this music that this transcription is made. Although originally written in 1908 and entitled Urbs Dei, Spring-Rice revisited the text of his poem in January 1918 and significantly altered both the first and second verses to reflect his feelings about the war, and those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. He also renamed the poem with the title we know today. Because of its sentiment, it has now become a staple of Remembrance services. A soundclip of this piece can be found here ? Item Code: TPBB-041 Duration: 5'40" ?

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    A Thames Journey - Phillip Littlemore

    The journey begins at the source of the River Thames at Kemble in Wiltshire - a horn solo introduces the main theme, Through the Groves , an eighteenth-century Wiltshire melody. A cornet fanfare announces the start proper, and the journey moves into Oxfordshire for morros dancing and then to Oxford itself, with, its dreaming spires and steeple bells. Trombones and basses pay tribute to the World Poohsticks Championships befor we reach Henley, and hints of a well-known boating song. We then travel through Windsor to Runneymede, where the Magna Carta was signed in 1215, and on to Hampton Court to hear henry VIII's Greensleeves . The Lass of Richmond Hill is heard through Barnes, where Gustav Holst lived, and hints of Jupiter sound and a tip of the hat to Lambeth as Big ben comes into view. Nostalgically London Bridge is remembered before arriving at Greenwich - starting point of many a heroic voyage. Smelling the sea salt in the air as the journey reaches its end, the Wiltshire melody proudly annouces our arrival at the ocean - the 'Thames Journey' is complete. This arrangement has been recorded by the Leyland Band, conducted by Michael Fowles, and appears on the CD The Alchymist’s Journal .?A sound clip of the piece can be found here Item Code: 0-571-56785-1 Duration: c.9'30"

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    Regionals 2019

    Championship Section 1SeascapesRay Steadman-AllenDesford Colliery Dowty Band conducted by James Watson First Section Symphony of MarchesGilbert VinterCory Band conducted by Philip Harper2i. Maestoso 3ii. Grave 4iii. Brioso Second Section 5Rise of the PhoenixDarrol BarryVirtuosi GUS Band conducted by Adam Cooke Third Section First Suite in EbGustav HolstBlack Dyke Band conducted by Prof. Nicholas Childs6i. Chaconne 7ii. Intermezzo 8iii. March Fourth Section Stantonbury FestivalRay Steadman-AllenFoden's Band conducted by Michael Fowles9i. Andante 10ii. Moderato 11iii. Allegro

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    A Moorside Suite - Gustav Holst

    This work was first heard at the Crystal Palace Brass Band Contest in 1928 for which it had been specially written.

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    Bleak Mid-Winter - Kenneth Downie

    Gustav Holst's 'In the bleak mid-winter' has become one of the best-loved of all carols. This arrangement is a thoughtful commentary on Holst's music, highlighting its wistful, plaintive qualities.

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    Capriccio - Gustav Holst

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    Erinnerung an Zirkus Renz - Gustav Peter

    Xylophone Solo with Brass Band

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    Finale from Symphony No. 2 (The Resurrection) - Gustav Mahler

    One of the most life-affirming pieces of music ever composed, Mahler's 2nd Symphony, subtitled 'The Resurrection', was first performed in Berlin in 1895. Mahler's interest in the mysteries of the afterlife is well-known and is a recurring theme through

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