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    Guardians Of The Galaxy - BATES, Tyler (Arr.: Darrol Barry)

    Main Title / To The Stars / The Kyln Escape / A Nova Upgrade / Black Tears

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    Rise of The Guardians - DESPLAT, Alexandre (Arr.: Bertrand Moren)

    Les Cinq Legendes / Die Huter des Lichts

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    Sentinel - Peter Meechan

    Sentinel was written in the summer of 2010 and follows on from another work by the composer, The Karman Line - a piece which describes the point where the earth's atmosphere ends and Outer Space begins.Sentinel goes further into space and takes the idea that the stars are somehow guardians of the sky that we can see, and Space further beyond.The opening section, which prominently features metallic percussion and broad melodies, portrays the grand open space that the stars inhabit. The middle, slower, section is more reflective depicting the isolation of Space, before we hear a reprise of the first section as the finale.Sentinel was written for the 2011 National Youth Brass Band Championships of Great Britain.

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