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    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Andi Cook

    Starting off in the traditional way, the melody we all know and love, before bursting into life with this amazing "Big Band" swing style arrangement that is sure to get your audiences foots tapping. There's work for the entire band, cornet stabs, walking bass parts and of course, a jazz chord finish. A perfect new addition to your Christmas program, very high in entertainment value.

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  • £29.50

    God Bless Us Everyone - Alan Silvestri - Karl Whelan

    From Disney's hit movie A Christmas Carol comes the compelling theme song that will fill every heart with the holiday spirit. This inspiring message of peace and goodwill is a holiday call to kindness, and the festive orchestration is the icing on the cookies. Arranged by Karl Whelan, this new festive release is accessible to all bands and something familiar yet original for your Christmas concerts this year.

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  • £19.50

    Nearer My God To Thee - Traditional - Gavin Somerset

    As the Titanic sank on the 15th April, 1912, eye-witness accounts recall the band playing to the very end in an attempt to keep the passengers calm. This piece played a major part in James Cameron's hit motion picture "Titanic" in 1997, as the heartbreaking scenes of people fighting for survival, and those simply saying good-bye rolled on our screens. This stunning arrangement of the work, as featured in the film, will allow your band to pay tribute to the story of the unsinkable ship, and the 1,517 souls she took with her.

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  • £42.95

    TWO HYMNS TO THE MOTHER OF GOD (Brass Band) - Tavener, John - Littlemore, Phillip

    Two Hymns (A Hymn to the Mother of God (3:00); Hymn for the Dormition of the Mother of God (3:45)) were written in memory of the composer's mother. The first, originally composed for double choir, is a setting of a text from the Liturgy of St. Basil. It speaks of the almost cosmic power attributed to the Mother of God by the Orodox Church. The second comes from the Vigil Service for the Dormition (or falling asleep) of the Mother of God. She invites the apostles to gather together from the ends of the earth to bury her body in Gethsemane, and asks her son to receive her spirit.

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  • £34.95

    Behold the Power of God - Christopher Bond

    Behold the Power of God (2010) was written for and premiered by the Cornwall Youth Brass Band in dedication to their Musical Advisor at the time; the late Cornish composer Goff Richards who later described the work as 'a remarkable piece of writing'. The work's title, while implying a religious meaning, actually references Goff's name, with his full name Godfrey translating as 'God-peace' and Richards meaning 'Power'. Two energetic outer sections fall either side of a more lyrical middle section featuring the solo cornet. The perfect opening item at any concert.

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  • £72.99

    The Kingdom of God - Jerry B. Bensman

    A brilliant concert-march in the best British martial tradition. Both the title and composition are based on the well-known hymn 'Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God'. Jerry B. Bensman schreef deze concertmars om zijn bands, die hij destijds dirigeerde, aan het werk te zetten. Met name de trombones en bassen moeten in deze mars (technisch gezien) aan de bak. Deze mars is dan ook een uitdaging voor de orkesten in de hogere divisies. Bensman maakt in deze mars gebruik van het lied 'Seek ye first the Kingdom of God' (Zoek eerst het Koninkrijk van God). De mars is daarom bij uitstek geschikt als muzikaal intermezzo in kerkdiensten en kerkconcerten.

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  • £53.50

    God rest ye merry Gentlemen

    'God rest ye merry, Gentlemen' is an ancient English carol. It was first published in 1833, but it can be traced as far back as the 15th century, which makes it one of the oldest carols known. 'God rest ye merry' is a Middle English salutation. In this manner, people wished one another greatness and might. In modern English, the first line of this carol would read 'May God keep you mighty, gentlemen'. Andrew R. Mackereth has not kept to the original words in his up-tempo arrangement of the carol. It is still clearly recognizable, but the arranger has taken a good many liberties. Sometimes a particular note is held longer, at times motifs follow oneanother in various parts. If you listen carefully, you may even be able to detect a motif from another well-known song.

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  • £24.95

    God Rest Ye Merry, Cha-Cha Men - 16th Century English Traditional - John Barber

    God Rest Ye Merry, Cha-Cha Men is a reworking of the traditional English Christmas carol God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen. Veering away from the original with the help of a driving Cha-Cha beat, a piano Montuno line in the baritones...

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