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    Who Is He In Yonder Stall - Bb Cornet Solo

    This is an fabulous little Christmas cornet solo, that will mad an excellent addition to any programme. It starts very simply with the soloist and a quartet of horns, baritone and euphonium. It then builds for a fast verse and then modulates into the minor, with the horns taking the "Who is He" melody and the cornet moving to a minor version of "Silent Night". The piece then shifts back to the tonic key with the cornet finishing the final verse while the whole band then slowly re-enters.

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    Cheer Up Charlie (Cornet Solo)

    This fresh new cornet solo comes from one of the greatest loved movies of all time. Featuring alongside musical hits such as Pure Imagination and The Candy Man, Cheer Up, Charlie is probably one of the most underrated musical numbers from the film, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. In the film, the song is sung by Charlies mother, whilst young Charlie ponders the life he believes lay ahead for him. With a complex chord structure, the band parts remain interesting throughout whilst the lyrical solo line can shine in this beautiful, melodic work. A great slow melody solo item and one that works on both concert and contest stages.

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    Gaudete (Cornet Solo)

    Soprano Cornet Solo with Brass BandGaudete is a sacred Christmas carol, which is thought to have been composed in the 16th century, but could easily have existed as a monophonic hymn in the late medieval period. Within the lyrics, there are references to Christ, Virgin Mary, Grace, Ezekiel and Salvation.This arrangement takes the striking tune and re-works it for Soprano Cornet and band, transforming the melody in places, whilst also keeping that familiar tune in its original form. Gaudete was recorded by Steve Stewart & Cory Band in 2016, featuring on its album 'A Festival of Fanfares & Carols'.

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    Over the Horizon (Soprano Cornet Solo)

    Soprano Cornet Solo with Brass BandOver the Horizon (2017), whilst both harmonically and compositionally a simple endeavour, is a spine-tingling beautiful melody for soprano cornet. Based on the painting seen in the sleeve notes of Steve Stewart's album of the same name, the work takes its inspiration from the open expansiveness of the ocean, glistening in the moonlight as four people sit quietly - two parents, a boy, and a girl. A feeling of heartfelt longing throughout the work which is developed both melodically and texturally by soloist and accompaniment; perhaps reflecting the desire to know indeed what is over the horizon. The longing intensifies with a climatic section of grandeur - a feeling of longing which arguably isn't resolved until that all-important - and high - last note.Over The Horizon was written for and commissioned by Steve Stewart and Cory Band in Spring 2017.

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    CLEAR SKIES (Cornet Solo with Brass Band Set) - Eric Ball

    A 'timeless' cornet solo from the pen of Eric Ball, utilising the charming, lyrical melody of the same name. Its traditional theme and variation construction and its relative popularity should not lull the soloist into believing it to be easy - for soloist or band.

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    Haunting Melody (Cornet Solo) - Dennis Armitage

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    Sunset (Cornet Solo with Brass Band) David Robb

    Sunset was written in June 2023 as a graduation present for the composer's son Callum and is dedicated to him. It portrays an older father (the composer) reminiscing about the love, respect and pride he has for his grown-up son and all that he has achieved and worked for. Sunset is lyrical and song-like in style. A soaring solo line is accompanied by a mainly homophonic background which should support, but never overpower the soloist. The tutti sections feature the melody accompanied by flowing scalic figures which portray the passing of time. The piece ends with an ad lib cadenza section where the soloist can really put their own mark on the music. To view a video of Dominic Longhurst and Victoria Brass performing the solo please visit PDF download includes score and parts. Sheet music available from: UK - USA - Difficulty Level: 4th Section + Length: 4.10 minutes Instrumentation: Cornet Soloist Bb Soprano Cornet Eb Tutti Solo Cornet Bb Repiano Cornet Bb 2nd Cornet Bb 3rd Cornet Bb Flugel Horn Bb Solo Horn Eb 1st Horn Eb 2nd Horn Eb 1st Baritone Bb 2nd Baritone Bb 1st Trombone Bb 2nd Trombone Bb Bass Trombone Euphonium Bb Bass Eb Bass Bb Timpani Suspended Cymbal Glockenspiel

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    BEFORE THE CROSS (Cornet Solo with Brass Band Set) - Edward Gregson

    Written at the request of David Daws for his solo album The Sound of David Daws, this meditation for cornet and brass band uses the composer's own song Before the cross (originally published in The Musical Salvationist, April 1965), the first lines of which are Before the cross I stand in fear and wonder, and see that all my sirs on Thee are laid. The song was written at an early stage of the composer's career, just before commencing study at The Royal Academy of Music, London. After a brief introduction the melody is heard twice, first played by the soloist, then on Euphonium and Flugel Horn with the soloist adding ornate counterpoint before taking up the melody once again, this time leading to a quiet and reflective conclusion.

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    Concertpiece for Cornet (Cornet Solo with Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Curnow, James

    Concertpiece for Cornet is a valuable and tremendous addition to the solo repertoire of the instrument. Full of fireworks and technicalities the soloist is also put to the test with an expressive slower melody along with a varied and interesting accompaniment as you would expect from James Curnow. Showcase your cornet soloist with this tremendous concert piece.Duration: 6:30

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    David of the White Rock (Cornet Solo with Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    This melody is reputed to have originated in Caernarvonshire, North Wales. Tradition holds that a bard called David, lying on his deathbed, called for his harp and performed this plaintive tune, expressing a desire that it should be played at his funeral. Ever since the tune has been called by his name and that of his house 'Garagwen' ('Druid Stone' or 'White Rock'). The solo is not just a slow melody with brass band accompaniment but is a composite whole, the band needing as much sensitivity as the soloist in the presentation.

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