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    In League with Extraordinary Gentlemen (Euphonium Solo with Brass Band) - Graham, Peter

    Concerto for EuphoniumIn League with Extraordinary Gentlemen combines two of composer Peter Graham's life interests - composition and 19th century popular fiction. Each of the concerto’s three movements takes its musical inspiration from extraordinary characters who have transcended the original genre and have subsequently found mass audiences through film, television and comic book adaptations.The first movement follows a traditional sonata form outline with one slight modification. The order of themes in the recapitulation is reversed, mirroring a plot climax in the H.G. Wells novella The Time Machine (where the protagonist, known only as The Time Traveller, puts his machine into reverse bringing the story back full circle).The Adventure of the Final Problem is the title of a short story published in The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle. This is an account of the great detective’s final struggle with his long-time adversary Professor Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland. The music takes the form of a slowed down l?ndler (a Swiss/Austrian folk dance) and various acoustic and electronic echo effects call to mind the alpine landscape. The final bars pose a question paralleling that of Conan Doyle in the story – have we really seen the last of Sherlock Holmes?The final movement, The Great Race, (available separately) follows Phileas Fogg on the last stage of his epic journey “Around the World in Eighty Days” (from the novel by Jules Verne). The moto perpetuo nature of the music gives full rein to the soloist’s technical virtuosity. As the work draws to a conclusion, the frantic scramble by Fogg to meet his deadline at the Reform Club in Pall Mall, London, is echoed by the soloist’s increasingly demanding ascending figuration, set against the background of Big Ben clock chimes.In League with Extraordinary Gentlemen was first performed in the brass band version by David Thornton and the Black Dyke Band, conductor Nicholas Childs, at the RNCM Concert Hall Manchester on January 30, 2009.

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    Music for Cinema (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    In Music for Cinema Bertrand Moren pays tribute to film music, a genre he has particularly passion for. The work opens with a sonorous introduction which gradually leads into the central passage which alternates between discordant plaintive lines and expressive and passionate solo phrases. A mysterious and tense bridge passage brings a feeling of fear which leads into the finale in which the opening melodic line returns over perky and joyful rhythms. 05:00

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    Nessun Dorma (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Puccini, Giacomo - Beringen, Robert van

    The Italian composer Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924) composed many operas which made him world-famous, with La Boh?me, Tosca, Madame Butterfly and Turandot considered as some of the greatest works ever written in this genre.Duration: 3:00

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    SILVERADO (Brass Band) - Broughton, Bruce - Green, Gareth

    A fantastic arrangement of this lively film track, with the music of Bruce Broughton lending itself perfectly to the brass band genre. Recorded on Polyphonic QPRL237D Master Brass Vol.24. Duration: 4:36

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    UNSQUARE DANCE (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Brubeck, Dave - Freeh, Mark

    Dave Brubeck, the American jazz pianist, has contributed a huge amount of material to the genre, responsible for many titles now so often referred to as 'jazz standards'. Brubeck has experimented with irregular time signatures throughout his musical career including 'Pick Up Sticks' (which is in 6/4 time), Blue Rondo a la Turk (in 9/8 but over four beats as and of course his most famous work, 'Take Five' (in 5/4!). His 'Unsquare Dance' (in 7/4 time) has been expertly arranged for brass band by Mark Freeh.Duration: 4.00

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    Caribbean Calypso - Roland Kernen

    The music of the Caribbean is a mixture of styles encompassing traditions that reflect the nature of its many islands and ethnic groups which inherited a multitude of rhythms imported by slaves from West Africa. Europeans brought with them Western-style melodies and harmonies, still used today in Trinidadian calypso, a traditional folk genre which gained worldwide popularity thanks to internationally famous artists such as the American singer Harry Belafonte (Calypso, Island in the Sun, Day-O/Banana Boat Song). Fascinated by this music which embodies the very spirit of exoticism, Roland Kernen composed Caribbean Calypso, a composition with softly swaying rhythms which follow a gentle and subtle melodic line in a rum and cigar-flavoured atmosphere.

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    I Byen Samarkand - Nordstoga - Svein H. Giske

    Odd Nordstoga is an award winning Norwegian artist who has been active since the 1990's, working in the popular-/folk music genre.I have listened to a lot of Odd Nordstogas music, in particular the Heim te mor-album.When preparing for Askoy Brass Band's participation at Siddis Brass in 2008, I came across I byen Samarkand, another of Nordstogas tunes. This was from the Pilegrim album. I thought it had an exciting mix of expressions and included it in the band's repertoire for the Siddis Brass competiton.Pilegrim was initially a commision by the Bergen International Festival back in 2005, based on lyrics by author Ragnar Hovland and Odd Nordstoga's music.- Svein H. Giske -

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    Abstractions - Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen

    1. Aurora Borealis (Lento espressivo)The first movement is inspired by the northern lights. It constantly changes in colour and shape.2. Rocks (Moderato ben ritmico)The title of the second movement is a play with the word "rock"is a well-known word describing a musical genre.But it is also a giant stone or a part of a mountain.3. Seascape (Allegro)The third movement is inspired by different aspects of the sea.It also sums up different ideas that occurs inthe two previous movements to round off the whole piece.Third Edition - 2015

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    Fanfare from Sinfonietta - Janacek arr Christopher Mowat

    Adapted for flexible ensemble and timpani 4 trumpets in Bb plus 3 optional trumpets in Bb • 2 euphoniums or horns • 2 trombones or bass trumpets and timpaniParts are provided also for horn in Eb, trombones in treble clef and Eb bass."...The fanfare was commissioned in 1926 by the Czech gymnastic organisation, Sokol, and later became the opening movement of his most popular orchestral work. The piece, lasting two minutes, is built around brief repeated phrases that evolve through a series of short sections to an electrifying climax…This piece is both aurally and visually stunning and rivals Copland's 'Fanfare for the Common Man' as the most impressive of its genre." Reviewed 'Music Teacher'

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    Unsquare Dance (Score & Parts) - Dave Brubeck

    Dave Brubeck, the American jazz pianist, has contributed a huge amount of material to the genre, responsible for many titles now so often referred to as ‘jazz standards’. His Unsquare Dance (in 7/4 time) of 1961 has been expertly arranged for brass band by Mark Freeh. Brass Band Grades 1 & 2: Novice and Learner bands. Duration: 4 minutes.

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