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    Stjernesangen fra Finlandia - Jean Sibelius - John Philip Hannevik

    The Finnish composer Jean Sibelius (1865-1957) is widely recognized as his country's greatest composer, and through his music he helped Finland to develop a national identity during its struggle for independence from the Russian empire. The tone poem Finlandia (1899-1900) played an important role in this part of Finnish history, and the hymn has become an important song to the Finnish people.

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    Finlandia - Jean Sibelius - Howard Lorriman

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    FINLANDIA (Brass Band) - Sibelius, Jean

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    Finlandia Op.26 (Tone Poem) - Jean Sibelius

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    Sibelius Fantasy - Gavin Somerset

    Composed in 2003 for a composition competition, this work uses elements of three major work by the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius (1865-1957). The three being... Symphony No.5, Finlandia, Karelia Suite (March) The piece starts with an atmospheric opening before setting of in bar 10 with a tempo that will remain for most of the piece. The main original theme is brought in at A before the famous sequence from Sibelius' Symphony No.5 enters at B and then very distinctly at C. The music then rollercoasts through keeping all sections of the band busy, until we reach J when the solo Euphonium can shine, helped along by Flugel and Repiano. The Molto Vivo before K sets off with dazzling trills from the cornet section, and bringing with it the theme from Finlandia in bar 165, followed shortly by the March from the Karelia Suite. From N to the end, all three pieces are brought to a final climax together. A rousing piece and makes an interesting change to a direct transcription.

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