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    I Believe In Father Christmas - Greg Lake - Gavin Somerset

    Released in 1975, this well loved song was written intentionally by as a protest about the commercialisation of Christmas. The release saw it shoot to No.2 in the charts and remains Greg Lake's only hit solo release. The instrumental riff used between verses is the tune from "Troika" by Sergei Prokofiev that has aided its popularity. This piece is familiar to all audiences, perfect to get them in the mood for your Christmas concerts & get them singing along. For Christmas 2020, we have made backing tracks of this title for you to download. These can be used either for personal playback use, or to create a virtual performance of the piece with your full band. To download the backing track, please RIGHT CLICK HERE & Save As .

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    I Believe in Father Christmas - Greg Lake

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    Silent Night

    One of the most well-known and loved Christmas carols, Silent Night is a carol everyone knows. In this brass band arrangement, audiences will love the warm chords and gorgeous styling of this brass band music.Composed in 1818 by Franz Xaver Gruber, Silent NIght has been recorded and sung by many singers and music groups, including the popular Bing Crosby version in 1935 and the 1990 version by Sinead O'Connor.Stille Nacht (Silent Night) was first performed in 1818 at a church in the Austrian town of Oberndorf on Christmas Eve. The words to Silent Night had been written as a poem in 1816 by Father Joseph Mohr. On the Christmas Eve of 1818, Mohr showed his poem to Gruber, who asked him to compose a melody for it for that night's mass. The church in which they were in was evetually destroyed by continual flooding and the new chapel was named after the carol (Silent Night Chapel).Sadly, the original manuscript has been lost over the years, so Mohr's contribution was largely forgotten about. Indeed, many thought that Beethoven, Haydn or Mozart had a hand in it. However, a manuscript tuned up in 1995 that showed Mohr's handwriting, which was dated circa 1820. It stated the true author of the words to be Mohr. Silent Night remains one of the most popular carols every written and has been translated into over 300 languages and featured as the subject of many films. It has been arranged many times and was even sung on the battlefield during World War 1 during the CHristmas truce.

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    Nordic Moods - Tom Brevik

    The composer:1st movement: Reflections by the Fjord.Overlooking one of the mighty fjords of Norway, my mind and thoughts are with an old religious Norwegian folk-tune, with words by the famous parson Peter Dass.The majestic fanfare-likeopening reflects the power of God our Father, the choral itself heard for the first time on flugelhorn. The choral is repeated a few times, separated only by some short variations. The movement ends in thriumph, with fanfares and the choral broughttogether.2nd movement: Reflections in the Old Church.In this movement my associations of a summer day, finding myself alone in an old deserted stone church. From the old walls I hear folk songs, perhaps like the ones sung in the church bypoor fishermen and farmers in days gone by. Suddenly the light from the sun breakes through the small circular window above the altar, and a lovely melody is heard, before the original figures take us to the end of the movement.3rd movement:Festive Reflections.Any festive occasion can be reflected in this movement. from the bonfire at midsummer-night to the children celebrating the return of the sun in the northern part of Norway. from the traditional sleigh-riding at Christmas tothe Celebrations of the National Day on the 17th of May each year.

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