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    BTB Fanfare

    A highly effective fanfare for junior bands to open their concerts with something ceremonious. Players will need to concentrate in order to fit their part in with the rest of the ensemble and to balance the chords.

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    Fanfare For Christmas - Mike Kilmartin

    Fanfare For Christmas - Mike Kilmartin - 0'40'' - BVT024 Great opener for your Christmas concert. Written for the Leicester Cathedral Christmas Day Broadcast.

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    Fanfare for the Union - Pierre-Antoine Savoyat

    Fanfare for the Union - Pierre-Antoine Savoyat - 04'20'' - BVT137 This young French composer (?1993) wrote this sparkling brass band overture commissioned by Brass Band Buizingen & Luc Vertommen in 2017.The name of the piece is a reference of the origins of the band “Union-Buizingen”. This piece gives some nice solos who contrast with bright tutti (in pure style of Brass Band overture).

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    Fanfare For Celebration - Keiron Anderson

    The original wind band version of Fanfare for a Celebration was written for the wind band of Dartington Summer School, under the direction of Paul Dummer. I created this brass version for Regent Brass Band in 2014 under the direction of Paul Archibald. I've also written versions for other brass ensembles which have been used at English Brass Academy courses. It is intended to be a short, exuberant celebration piece of moderate difficulty.

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    Fanfare: The Crowning - Jonathan Bates

    DURATION: 3 minutes. DIFFICULTY: Championship. "Trumpets sound in the Abbey, bells ring out, & a 62-gun salute booms from the Tower of London.". 'The Crowning' is a ceremonial fanfare and chorale based upon the hymn tune 'Westminster', the London Abbey in which coronations and subsequent 'crownings' take place at the change of every Monarch. You will hear 62 bass drum strikes in the intrada representing the 62 gun-salute which accompanies the ceremony as the 'trumpets sound and bells ring out in the Abbey'. .

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    Fanfare ~ Men and Angels - Brass Band - John van Gulik

    An Easter fanfare piece base on the tune "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" and "Crown Him with many Crowns".

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    Fanfare Trionfale | Alwyn Green

    Fanfare Trionfale was originally commissioned by the International Convention Centre in Birmingham UK for the investiture of the Lord Mayor of Birmingham.As its name suggests, it is a majestic, triumphal piece of music to herald a major event.It is a great concert opener which demands accurate and expansive playing. It was first performed in September 1993 by the Prince of Wales Brass, a renowned Brass ensemble made up of members of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. Instrumentation Full Brass Band Percussion parts (2): 1: Timpani 2: Cymbal ISMN: 979-0-708127-00-0

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    Excelsior Fanfare and Theme - Paul Lovatt-Cooper

    Excelsior was composed for the New Mills Band to mark the occasion of their 200th anniversary. It is a dramatic and emotive fanfare and theme based on the hymn tune 'Ransom'.

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    Prelude and Fanfare - "Air" - Dan Price - -

    Prelude and Fanfare takes its inspiration from a piece of NSA Video footage, where a camera is attached to a piece of debris and jettisoned into space from the space shuttle.The work is a musical reflection of this journey, starting with a 'weightless' lontano section, followed by a high-octane musical representaion of the debris journey, from re-entry of the earth's atmosphere, the plummet back to earth and the inevitable final "thud" of the journey's end.This musical study explores the use of minimalist techniques and ideas within the confines of the brass band idiom. The overall structure of the piece is based on the shape of a crescendo, starting at the softest level the ensemble is capable of, finishing at the greatest.

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    FANFARE OF PRAISE, A (Ascalon) (Brass Band Set) - Robert Redhead

    Robert Redhead's concert opener has become widely used by bands inside and outside the Salvation Army, particularly in hymn tune competitions. Starting with a simple statement of the tune 'Ascalon', this develops into an upbeat and exciting fanfare treatment.

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