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    THEY SHALL COME FROM THE EAST (Brass Band Set) - Kevin Larsson

    One of the most well-known songs from the Gowans and Larsson musical, 'The Blood of the Lamb' is given an 'African' treatment which builds to a majestic climax emphasising the words; 'From every tribe and every race, all men as brothers shall embrace; they shall come from the east, they shall come from the west, and sit down in the Kingdom of God'.

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    Abrazo - Lucy Pankhurst

    Lucy Pankhurst wrote this piece in response to an open request from Jim Hayes, when he asked for new solos to perform. Abrazo was then selected to feature on his solo CD Dial M for Midnight.The title Abrazo translates as ’embrace’, but is also the term given to the dancing frame of the Tango; where the partners change stance by pulling and pushing the frame, yet always remaining in physical contact with each other. This technique is suggested in the music by the soloist breaking away from the band with virtuoso interjections, before being ’embraced’ again by the full band.When the cornet soloist eventually breaks completely free in the cadenza passage, the music becomes much more agitated and moves away from the original Tango, transforming briefly into a Flamenco to finish with a flourish.

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    Toreador's March from Carmen - Bizet

    Performance Notes from Andrew Duncan:The main feature of this arrangement is perhaps the wide range of dynamics used. Every dynamic from p through to ffis written and if played will, greatly enhance a performance of the piece.The distinctive style of the piece is also an important element for the players to embrace. Although the original rhythm has been simplified to facilitate ability, it has retained the intended 'feel' of the bravado style and offers a useful development of the players' musical awareness.The Flexi-Collection ApproachFlexible scoring tailored to your needs - A perfect solution for expanding the repertoire of training and junior brass bands. The Flexi-Collection currently offers two series - Popular Classics and World Tour. Based on four-part harmony, these collections provide groups with the advantage of complete flexibility when they may not be balanced. If players or instruments are missing, the show can still go on!The Flexi-Collection - Popular Classics Series, encapsulates all that is great about the wonderful range of musical styles produced by Holst, Elgar, Handel, Verdi, Tchaikovsky, Grieg, Bizet and Parry.The thoughtful scoring and arranging by Andrew Duncan now means that groups of all abilities have access to a truly flexible set of music for their needs. With world parts, rudimentary theory, terminology translations and large format typesetting, The Flexi-Collection ticks all the boxes when it comes to bringing interesting music to the training and junior band/brass group environment.Available individually or as part of the money-saving Flexi-Collection Popular ClassicsAlbum.Scored for Brass Band and supplied with additional Easy Bb, Easy Eb and world parts - The Flexi-Collection offers flexibility in every sense of the word.

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