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    Dreams are to be Without Motion - James McFadyen

    This soprano cornet solo does not dwell on dull or poetic musical lines. Instead, Dreams are to be Without Motion gets going with a highly groovy melody, which is both funky and lyrical. This solo will suit soprano players look from a welcome break from the staple slow solos, and give the soloist the opportunity to let loose with foot-tapping motifs.The band parts are not difficult but they are not altogether straight forward either; for this reason, this solo is ideal for bands of 3rd section standard and upwards.

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    ESPRIT (Brass Band) - Barry, Darrol

    Esprit is a rhapsodic adventure for brass band and percussion.During its twelve minutes, features all soloists and sections of the band. After a vibrant opening the main melodic work is in the lower band accompanied by swirling cornets.The next section is a scherzo like section opened by the horns and closed by the timpani, and in between there are solo's for all.The following adagio is an expressive solo for euphonium accompanied by cup muted cornets and trombones, followed by a section for the flugel which builds up to the full band. A cornet cadenza follows after which a timpani solo takes us to a con brio section in 6/8 which features a round and fugato section which is followed by a slower section for trombones which in turn leads to a musical climax.A short allegro motto section develops an idea from earlier in the piece and leads us into a reprise of the opening section. A vibrant coda concludes the work.Duration: 12:00 Grade: Moderately Difficult

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