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    Folk Festival - Shostakovitch, D.

    Few composers have had the musical range of Shostakovitch, from the most profound to the the glam and glitzy, he is equally convincing. This is a short busy piece of film music that has become a staple in brass band programmes everywhere. It never fails.

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    Bonder i Byen (Fra Smabyskisser) - Sverre Bergh - Idar Torskangerpoll

    Sverre Bergh (1915-1980) was a central character in the music scene in Bergen, both as a musical leader at "Den Nationale Scene" (theatre) and as a director for the "Festspillene" music festival. He was an arranger and pianist for the Norwegian Broadcasting Company (NRK), and wrote stage- and film scores as well as piano pieces. "Country-Folk in Town" is one movement from "Village Sketches". This small overture was written for the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra.

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    Abide with me for euphonium and brass band, arr. Paul McGhee

    Paul McGhee made this haunting arrangement of W.H. Monk's famous hymn tune for the young Belgianstar of the euphonium Glenn Van Looy, who performed it on 27 January 2013 at the Royal NorthernCollege of Music Festival of Brass, with the Leyland Band conducted by Michael Bach. Surrounding thethree verses of the solo line are wisps of texture, irregular rhythms and colours form brass andpercussion, giving the music an unsettled feel. Abide with me is a favourite of Paul McGhee, who says“When watching the film 28 Days Later I thought it would make a rather striking arrangement for brassband. This was confirmed further when the hymn was used at the 2012 opening ceremony of the LondonOlympics. The contrast between the static, slow moving melody and the rhythmic effects of the dancerswas something that I thought could be captured in an arrangement.”Grade 4 (soloist 5)Duration 5 mins?35 plus postage and packing