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    Repton (Dear Lord & Father of Mankind) - Charles Parry - Gavin Somerset

    Featured numerous times on BBC 1's "Songs Of Praise", this hymn tune setting by Charles Parry (of Jerusalem fame) has become a nations favourite, heard throughout the country. This arrangement uses all the colours of the brass band to bring out Parry's stunning melody, building all the way though to a big warm climax that will send chills down the spines of your audience. Perfect for church occasions, and as a general concert item.

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    Good Morning, My Dear - Benny Borg - Haakon Esplo

    Most Scandinavian people know Benny Borg. As a guitarist, composer, lyric writer and a show actor, he has been producing great music for many decades. His most famous songs are probably "Balladen om Morgan Kane", "En spennende dag for Josefine" and "Den store dagen".When Benny Borg made his comeback with the new album, "Den storste reisen" in 2016, he wrote some of the strongest songs of his career. Maybe the strongest one is "Good morning, my dear", that he wrote to his wife after she died.

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    Dear Old Blighty - Dan Price

    Commissioned in 2014 by the Flowers Band and premiered at the Cheltenham Music Festival in the same year, Dear Old Blighty is a creative arrangement of songs popular in 1914 and of those released during the World War I period. These songs were used to help boost morale both at home and in the trenches being performed by the popular singers of the day. Although not patriotic songs in the strictest sense they are commonly described as ‘the songs that won the war’.The selection includes; There’s a Long Long Trail, It’s a Long Way to Tipperary, Oh! It’s a Lovely War, I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now?, Pack up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag, Daisy Bell, and Keep the Home Fires Burning, all cleverly tailored together in the composers recognisably distinctive style.

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    Dear Reflection - ARMITAGE, Dennis

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    DEAR CASSANDRA ??"Ludovic Neurohr

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    Dear Friends

    This is a new arrangement from Adam DJ Taylor. Adam has taken Brian May's wonderful hymn tune and arranged this as short interlude featuring Cornet, Horn, Baritone, Trombone , Euphonium ad Eb Bass This work acts as a short bridge in between pieces and gives the opportunity to feature a number of players.

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    DEAR LORD AND FATHER (REPTON) - Parry arr. Peter Graham

    The much loved hymn in an arrangement made for BBC TV "Songs of Praise".

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