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    Realms of Asgard - Dan Price

    Brass Band Concert Series - Grade 6 Championship Section Test-piece Realms of Asgard is a symphonic poem for brass and percussion which comprises of seven musical scenes, each reflecting the composers impressions of the individual worlds found in the Yggdrasill legend. In Norse mythology, Yggdrasill (Ig-dru-cell) is an immense Ash tree that connects the nine home-worlds of the Norse cosmos. Asgard sits at its pinnacle where the High Gods look down and oversee the activities in the other worlds. The nine worlds are: Hel & Muspelheim - The Realm of Fire NiAavellir - A Dark Dwelling Vanaheimr - Home of the Vanir JAtunheimr - Home of the Giants Niflheim - Mist Home Alfheimr - Elf Home Midgard - Middle Enclosure (Earth) & Asgard - Home of A?sir Commissioned in 2014 by Dr Howard Evans and the Jaren Hornmuiskkforening for use as thier own choice test-piece at the 2015 Norweigian Nationals. Duration: 00:16:30

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    Shindig - Dan Price

    Concert Series - Grade 2.5/3 Commissioned by Adrian Smith for the the Blackley Band's 2018 performance at the French Open Championships, Shindig is an approachble concert item for most lower-section / intermediate bands. This quirky work takes the form of an Irish reel, providing the opportunity for each family of the ensemble to 'take to the floor.' Duration: c:00:03:00

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    Grace - Dan Price

    Solo Series - Grade 4 Vocalise for Alto Saxophone with Piano Accompaniment Duration: 00:05:00

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    Impromptu for Baritone - Dan Price

    Solo Series - Grade 6 Commissioned in 2017 by Marrianne Garbutt as part of her Masters of Arts performance examination at the University of Salford, 'Impromptu for Baritone' is a welcome addition to growing selection of repertoire for this much overlooked instrument. Duration 00:06:00

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    Montmartre Jardins sous la Pluie - Dan Price

    Brass Band Solo Series - Grade 5 (Soloist 6) 'Montmartre Jardins sous la Pluie' (Montmartre Gardens in the Rain) draws inspiration from the evocative sound world of French composers Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel and seeks to imitate the wash of colours presented in a Monet or Degas canvas. The work was commissioned in 2018 by international cornet soloist Tom Hutchinson and is included on his second solo album 'This Way' - recorded with the Cory Band under the direction of Philip Harper. Duration: 00:06:40

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    Sing Sing Sing - Louis Prima - Dan Price

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    The Kings Of Swing - Dan Price

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    A New Horizon - Dan Price

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    An American Tale - Dan Price

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    An Elgar Portrait - Dan Price

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