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    As if a Voice Were in Them - Oliver Waespi

    "As if a voice were in them..." runs William Wordsworth's poem about the High Alps. Nature is presented in this poem as an all-powerful and nameless force but also as a creative energy and a mirror on man's soul. It was commissioned by the Swiss Brass Band Association for the 2014 Montreux Swiss Championships. A stunning winning piece for your contests!

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    Trittico Festoso - Jan Van der Roost

    Trittico Festoso is a festive three-part composition that is dedicated to the conductor of a brass band. Each of the three movements reflects a different aspect of his character: in the opening fanfare, his personality is presented; then his work as manager, organiser and conductor is depicted in the dynamic Daily Life; while in The Artist, the sensitive, creative man himself is portrayed. An elegant tribute to the man with the baton!

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    The Swan on the Hill - Jan Van der Roost

    This stately opening work begins in the low register with a broad main theme from the low brass immediately setting the tone. Gradually other sections and registers enter and despite retaining a majestic character the rhythmic element becomes more active. This work makes truly creative use of sound, without great virtuosity or complexity, but maintains a good balance between static and dynamic elements.

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    The Wombles Song - Mike Batt - Len Jenkins

    The Wombles are fictional pointy-nosed, furry creatures that live in burrows, where they aim to help the environment by collecting and recycling rubbish in creative ways. They were created by author Elisabeth Beresford, and originally appeared in a series of children's novels from 1968 that featured the inhabitants of a burrow on Wimbledon Common in London, England.The characters gained a higher national profile in the UK in the mid-1970s as a result of a BBC commissioned children's television show, and a number of spin-off novelty songs also became hits in the British music charts. The Wombles pop group was the idea of British singer and composer Mike Batt who wrote the series' theme tune, and who went on to perform and produce a number of successful albums and singles with 'The Wombles'.This is a brass band arrangement of that well-known theme tune. Caution! This may provoke a sing-along.

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    Crimond (Score and Parts) - Peter Graham

    Here is a most attractive and creative arrangement of the well-known and much-loved hymn tune by Peter Graham - one of the most popular writers for brass band. This is not a run-of-the-mill sing-along version, but a neatly constructed piece in its own right. Not too taxing to play, yet there are some flourishes to give it added sparkle!

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