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    Concerto for Two Trumpets (10 Piece Brass Ensemble) - Vivaldi, AntonioArranger:

    Solo parts included: Trumpets in A and Trumpets in CParts included for:Part 1: Bb Trumpet or Bb Cornet and Eb Trumpet or Eb CornetPart 2: Bb Trumpet or Bb CornetPart 3: Bb Trumpet or Bb CornetPart 4: Bb Trumpet or Bb Cornet or Flugel HornPart 5: F Horn or Eb HornPart 6: Trombone (BC) or Trombone (TC)Part 7: Trombone (BC) or Trombone (TC)Part 8: Trombone (BC) or Trombone (TC)Part 9: Bass Trombone (BC) or Bass Trombone (TC)Part 10: C Tuba or Eb Bass or Bb BassPercussion

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    Canzon duodecimi toni ?? 10 no 2 (1597) - Gabrieli: Eric Crees Performing Edition

    A work which clearly looks towards the baroque concerto grosso with its repeated ritornello and its virtuoso writing for two soloists.Gabrieli is one of the truly great composers but sadly neglected. His compositions, moreover, are rarely of great technical difficulty, making them ideal for mixed ensembles and school use. We hope this edition will bring these magnificent pieces to a wider audience, especially the young.• Each set contains a score and parts for brass, woodwind and string instruments to allow performances by practically any combination as well as brass only.• This new Performing Edition of Gabrieli's Sacrae Symphoniae and Canzoni e Sonate was prepared for the recording by the LSO Brass on Naxos Records:Vol 1 - 8553609Vol 2 - 8553873Vol 3 - 8554129"...the playing is superb...three CDs which embody all of Gabrieli's instrumental ensemble works, the first such collection in the world".....'Musician'"...scrupulously prepared new edition".....'BBC Music Magazine'"...notes, both scholarly and exciting series".....'Guardian'

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    Concerto No.10 for Brass Band - Neurohr, Ludovic

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    Concertino for Brass Band - Study Score - Downie, Kenneth

    This music, in its original four movement form called 'Concerto for Brass Band', was commissioned by Brass Band Treize Etoiles from Switzerland as an own-choice test piece. For its use as the test piece for the Championship Section of the 2008 National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain it was specially published without the second movement Scherzo (available separately) as 'Concertino for Brass Band'.

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    Slavonic Rock March

    According to his teachers, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893), was not particularly gifted. His special talents were acknowledged only in 1865 when he had been working for the Ministry of Finances for some years. In 1866 he was appointed teacher at the Conservatory and applied himself to composing. His oeuvre is fairly extensive and many of his compositions receive a high ranking on the international list of classical music, including his six symphonies, solo concertos (violin concerto and piano concertos), ballets (The Nut Cracker, Swan Lake), and his overtures (1812 and Romeo and Juliette). In 1893 Tchaikovsky died of Cholera after drinking a glass of infectedwater. His Slavonic March is a popular concert piece for symphonic orchestra that is still frequently performed in concert halls. David Well arranged the theme and created a contemporary march in rock style. Tchaikovsky once said to an unsatisfied teacher: 'I will be a great composer within 10 years time.'

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