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    CHEEK TO CHEEK - Berlin Irving - Fernie Alan

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    Italien Euphoniem - Gavin Somerset

    Occasionally, a solo comes along that allows the performer to show off their skill, whilst allowing the band a licence to enjoy themselves too. From the pen of Gavin Somerset comes a solo that takes all the 'bravissimo' of the great Italian composers and delivers a piece that both the audience and performers can enjoy. This original work is written with tongue placed firmly in cheek in this playful, light-hearted take on Italian music with a built in fun factor. The work is a must for both Euphonium soloists and bands looking to add a playful item to their programme

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    Classical Brass - Various - Gavin Somerset

    This medley of famous classical music is the perfect addition to any concert. Beginning with the 'Barber of Seville' before the piece sets off on a journey with tongue placed firmly in cheek! Let your audience here the great classical works of Rossini, Grieg, Liszt, Mendelssohn (& others) as they've never heard them before. The various famous melodies all stay around long enough for your audience to recognize them before being moved off in another direction completely. This work is a musical journey that is perfect for formal proms concerts, yet certainly would not be out of place on a bandstand either. The piece has many opportunities for bands to add their own choreography if desired. A toe tapping, audience pleasing, journey that leaves the audience wanting more.

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