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    Casino - Jean-Pierre Hartmann

    This set is march card sized

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    You Know my Name

    The amazing theme tune from the James Bond film Casino Royale. Written by David Arnold and Chris Cornell A fantastic arrangement by Adam DJ Taylor suited to second section bands and above. You can Listen to this arrangement on you tube. DUE TO COPYRIGHT LAW THIS WORK IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE UK AND EUROPE

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    Fire in the Sky - Peter Meechan

    Each musician also commemorates an anniversary in 2011, the year of the premiere of Fire in the Sky; it is 40 years since the death of Stravinsky and both Miles Davis and Freddie Mercury died in 1991, making it 20 years since their deaths. So it seemed fitting to write a piece that in some way acknowledges them, and is a kind of personal "thanks" for all they have given, and continue to give, me.The title comes from the famous Deep Purple song, Smoke on the Water - whose second line is "Fire in the Sky" and is a reference to the night the town's casino was set alight by a Frank Zappa fan. The piece tries to recreate the atmosphere of that night, paint a picture of fire in the sky (and smoke on the water) and also uses small "nuggets" of the music of my three greatest musical heroes, Miles Davis, Freddie Mercury and Igor Stravinsky.

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    1-2An American in MangerMartin WinterManger Musikklag I. Mangernetisk! 3.50 II. Manger Springar Rinat Arzumov (Cornet)4.323-7Manger's Madrigal Mystery TourTraditional arr. Martin WinterManger Musikklag I. Amor Vittorioso 4.02 II. Il Est Bel et Bon (twisted) 3.52 III. Fatal la Parte (twisted) Anne Britt Hermansen (Trumpet)4.09 IV. Il Bianco e Dolce Cigno (twisted) 5.21 V. Now is the Month of Maying (twisted) 3.478-9Central Park SuiteMartin WinterManger Musikklag I. The Wollman Rink Anne Britt Hermansen (Cornet)4.29 II. The Delacorte Theatre 5.1610Red Shoe Dance Sequence No. 2Martin WinterRandi Holm (Flugel Horn) with Manger Musikklag4.5911Ocean 2 (The Mediterranean) Ballet of the Star FishMartin WinterBirgitte Bj?rnsdatter Bruget (Trombone) with Manger Musikklag5.5712-16Bon Anniversaire Suitearr. Martin WinterManger Musikklag I. Cheburashka (on a theme by Vladimir Shainski) 3.49 II. Las Mananitas (The Morning Song) Birthe Carlsen (Euphonium)4.58 III. Happy Birthday 4.28 IV. Mein Geburtstag im Casino 2065 4.32 V. Hurra For Deg 6.10

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