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    Beautiful Dreamer - Foster, S.

    Stephen Foster, often called the father of american music, was enormously successful in his own day, but most of that success ended up in the pockets of publishers who poached his music without a second thought. One stroke of bad luck followed another until he died at the age of 37, penniless, on the one hand hugely 'appreciated', on the other virtually unrewarded.

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    Laura - David Raskin - Mark Freeh

    David Raksin was active in the music business for so many decades that he was thought by many to be the Grandfather of film music. Raksin created notable scores for films such as Forever Amber and The Bad and the Beautiful, though he is best known for the soundtrack to Laura, where the lead character is always represented by the same theme, an "idee fixe". This haunting melody gets under your skin and stays there. It is totally suited to the plot where the investigating detective is haunted by the subject of his investigations. Here is a chance to feature your flugel soloist in this jazz ballad which has been given the 'Freeh treatment'.

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