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    ARABIA - Traditional - Lang Walter

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    Arrival Of The Magi - Jeremy Cladd - Len Jenkins

    "Arrival of the Magi" is a new piece derived from a larger work composed by Jeremy (Jez) Cladd who is an old friend of ours and who was Head Chorister during his teenage years at Peterborough Cathedral. After Jesus was born, the Bible describes how three Wise Men (Magi) came to look for Him, probably from an area which now comprises Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Yemen. Legends have since developed around them and given them the names of Caspar (King of Sheba ??" who brought Frankincense), Melchior (King of Arabia ??" who brought Gold) and Balthazar (King of Tarse and Egypt - who brought Myrrh). Their gifts foretell in allegory the life (and death) of the Christ. The music depicts their journey across the desert following the natal star to the village of Bethlehem where they find the child, and finishes with the calm as they approach the crib.

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    Up in the Sky - Otto M. Schwarz

    One of man's great dreams has always been to fly high through the air like a bird, free as a bird. There are ancient Greek legends such of those of Daedalus and Icarus, and indeed as early as the 9th century attempts at flight are reputed to have taken place in Arabia. It wasn't until 1783, however, that the invention of hot air ballooning by the Montgolfier brothers in France propelled man through the air for the first time. This colourful work depicts every step of this adventurous ballooning story.

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