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    Masurische Suite - Kurt G. Widorski

    Includes: Andante 'AaA" Allegro; Moderato rubato; Andante 'AaA" Allegro

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    Prelude Festivo - John Brakstad

    Prelude Festivo is intended to be performed both in concerts and in competitions and includes solo passages for most instrument groups.Duration 7,5 minutes. Form: Fast - slow - fast.The piece is built on two themes:Theme 1 (Allegro con spirito) is first presented as a cornet solo after a fanfare-like opening.Theme 2 is hinted at in the opening bars, but is presented fully in the slow (Andante) section (bar 141).This theme is developed and also appears as melodic and rhytmic fragments throughout the composition. In the concluding section (bar 196) both themes are played in conjunction before the piece concludes with the fanfare theme from the opening bars.Parts that are marked piu mosso ed leggiero should be played in a cheerful light staccato style in contrast to Andante cantabile.

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    The Torchbearer - Peter Graham

    The Torchbearer was commissioned by Kapitol Promotions and the Federation of Australasian Brass Bands as the test piece for the 2009 National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain and the FABB Open Contest respectively. The commission was initiated by the Federation's Music Advisor, Professor David King, whose support and encouragement for the idea of a piece commemorating the 20th anniversary of Eric Ball's death is greatly appreciated.The variations are based upon the first phrase of the trio from Eric Ball's Salvation Army march, Torchbearers.After opening statements of the theme, variation 1 (an energetic allegro brillante utilising fragment A) commences at bar 35. Cadenza passages for Eb Bass and Euphonium lead to variation 2 (an andante appassionato based upon fragment B) at 104. Variation 3 (142 - a vivace featuring C as an ostinato) is followed at 205 by variation 4, the central andante e sciolto molto for solo cornet (utilising D1 as a counterpoint and D2 as a 2nd phrase).The work culminates at bar 291 in a reprise of the cornet solo, now fully metamorphosised and mirroring in music a concept at the centre of Ball's broader philosophy, that of transformation.I have endeavoured to retain the main compositional characteristics and harmonic flavour of Eric Ball's Salvation Army and contest music. His scoring techniques are a model for any student of the medium and whilst I have aimed for similar colours and clarity of line in texture, concessions have been made in the instrumentation of the 21st century brass band. A slightly more developed percussion section is utilised employing timpani and xylophone in dominant roles.Eric Ball will be remembered as a composer whose classic works for brass shine through with integrity and sincerity. I have been no less sincere in my efforts to pay musical tribute to the 20th century's most influential composer of brass band music.

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    Variations on the Shining River - Score and Parts - Edmund Rubbra

    Published in 1958 as a Theme and variations with beautiful melodic writing. Contains: Var.1 - "First Dance" 3/4 Allegretto; Var.2 - Cradle Song 3/4 Andante; Var.3 - Pageant 3/4 Andante Maestoso; Var.4 - "Ostinato" 4/4 Allegro; Var.5 - "Second Dance"

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    Variations on the Shining River - Score Only - Edmund Rubbra

    Published in 1958 Aas a Theme and variations with beautiful melodic writing. Contains: Var.1 - "First Dance" 3/4 Allegretto; Var.2 - Cradle Song 3/4 Andante; Var.3 - Pageant 3/4 Andante Maestoso; Var.4 - "Ostinato" 4/4 Allegro; Var.5 - "Second Dance"

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    Admiral Spirit - Timothy Travis

    The 'Admiral Spirit' is the pride of the Navy. The ship is at sea, there is no wind, the sun is shining. The crew are busy piloting the ship into port in prime condition. The admiral himself will inspect the vessel. The first movement (Allegro Con Spirito) gives musical expression to the majestic ship and its toiling crew. In the second movement (Andante), the ship sails into port. It has been polished and technically everything is in order. The admiral will be proud when he inspects the ship. Third movement (Allegro Molto): the captain and his crew are nervous (modulations) while working at the 'finishing touch'. The Navy Band is ready to receive the admiral !. He may be proud of his flagship.

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    Concerto for Cornet and Band - Ray Woodfield

    Cornet Solo with Brass BandIncludes: Allegro; Andante Amoroso; Allegro Con Brio

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    Concerto for Trombone - Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

    Trombone Solo with Brass BandIncludes: Allegro Vivace; Andante Cantabile; Allegro

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    Pacific Dreams (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - De Haan, Jacob

    Pacific Dreams describes the experience of Miguel, a travelling composer from Spain who, feeling somewhat alienated from his homeland, is wandering through an area of Sydney known as The Rocks. At a small outdoor market in a typical street of this old colonial neighbourhood, he discovers a print of William DeShazos painting "Pacific Dreams" Portrayed in the painting is the surf of one of the exotic islands in the Pacific. Next, with the impressive Sydney Harbour Bridge looming over the narrow streets of The Rocks, he envisions sultry Pacific beaches. Suddenly a theme he once composed about the lakes in Japan comes to him. Is it the Asian influences present in cosmopolitan Sydney that bring this theme to mind? Or perhaps the waters around Sydney, over which he could sail to Tahiti? He is uncertain. Could this same theme be used to create a new composition about his feelings for the metropolis Sydney? How then to work his Pacific Dreams into the mix? Miguel is certainly no fan of Hawaiian music. Maybe he could use the vocabularies of islands like Hawaii and Tahiti, their beautiful vowel combinations being sung ad libitum by a mixed choir.With these ideas and his newly purchased print of "Pacific Dreams", he boards the Metro at Circular Quay. He has a final glimpse of the harbour and the Sydney Opera House as the train races into the ground. On to the hotel! To work! He must compose! Maestoso : Miguel is impressed as he gazes upon the Sydney Harbour Bridge. And yet, he wants to go away from this city. Away, to an exotic island in the Pacific.Steady Rock : In the Rocks, musicians are playing at a square. Miguel basks in the atmosphere but at the same time he is fantasising about Hawaii and Tahiti. Andante Lamentoso : In his hotel room, Miguel is feeling sad and lonely in this big city. He takes comfort in his "Pacific Dreams". Allegro : Miguel boards the boat that takes him from Darling Harbour to Circular Quay. In his mind he is travelling on to Hawaii. Or is it home, where the bolero is playing? He is pulled back to reality by the skyline of Sydney.Duration: 9.15

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    Party Piece (Euphonium Solo with Brass Band) - Sparke, Philip

    Party Piece was commissioned in 1986 by the Cambirdge Co-op Band for their long-serving principal euphonium (and later, conductor) Charles Shipp. It falls into two sections which are jointed by a short cadenza: the first is a tender Andante with a simple tune which is then decorated, and the second a breezy Allegro with a darker central episode.Also available Euphonium with Piano Accompaniment edition.Duration 7:06Recorded on Polyphonic QPRL042D A Touch More SpiceSolo with Piano Accompaniment version recorded on Polyphonic QPRZ019D The World of Euphonium Vol.3 (Steven Mead)

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