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    The Young Amadeus - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Jan de Haan

    Based on the famous melody from the Adagio movement of the Clarinet Concerto by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, this work has a beautiful lyrical quality to it. Compositions of this nature require the ability to play with great expression. The wonderful talent and genius of Mozart is clearly perceptible in this unforgettable melody. Celebrate Mozart's 250th anniversary with this most popular brass band work.

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    Charming Salzburg - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Henk Hogestein

    Salzburg, birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, inspired Dutch composer Henk Hogestein to write this musical tribute. Mozart was born in this charming Austrian town in January 1756. He was a musical prodigy - at the age of four he began receiving lessons from his father Leopold and at the age of six he was composing smart minuets and other short pieces. The composition Charming Salzburg is based on a theme from Mozart's opera Die Zauberflote, which he completed in 1791. The greatest composer of his day - the greatest of all time according to some - the brilliant Mozart wrote some of the world's best operas with Die Zauberflote was his last.

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    A Salzburg Impression - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Dizzy Stratford

    In this composition, Dizzy Stratford gives a musical impression of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's beautiful hometown. The theme of the work has been derived from the middle movement of one of Mozart's piano sonatas and provides the concert band with a glimpse into the creative genius of this great composer.

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    AMADEUS (Brass Band) - Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Fernie, Alan

    Based on a Theme by Mozart. Grade: Easy

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    The Young Amadeus - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Jan van Kraeydonck

    Stay With Me Till The Morning

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    The Magic Flute Overture - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Phillip Littlemore

    Mozart’s The Magic Flute is a two–act opera composed in 1791, the year of his death. It was the culmination of a period of increasing involvement by Mozart with Emmanuel Schikaneder's theatrical troupe, which since 1789 had been the resident company at the Theater auf der Wieden. The Magic Flute is noted for its prominent Masonic elements; both Schikaneder and Mozart were believed to be Masons and also lodge brothers. Much of Mozart’s Masonic music is written in the key of E flat. This key, with 3 flats is indicative of Masonic symbolism. There are other examples of the number three in the opera as well. The opening chords of the introduction sound three times, which also happens during the Temple scenes. Also represented in threes are the three temples of Wisdom, Reason and Nature. Tamino tries to open the three doors of the temple. There are three ladies, the attendants to the Queen of the Night, and three boys who serve as guides to Tamino and Papageno. Mozart evidently wrote the music while keeping in mind the skills of the singers intended for the premiere, which included both virtuosi and ordinary comic actors, asked to sing for the occasion. Thus, the vocal lines for Papageno and Monostatos are often stated first in the strings so the singer can find their pitch, and are frequently doubled by instruments. In contrast, Mozart's sister-in-law Josepha Hofer, who premiered the role of the Queen of the Night, needed no such help — indeed this role is famous for both its technical difficulty and range. Item Code: TPBB-008 Duration: c.6'30"

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