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    The Adventurers - Martin Cordner

    The Adventurers was commissioned by Hempstead Citadel Band (USA) for its anniversary celebrations in 2013. With a respectful nod to film music composers such as Broughton and Williams The Adventurers portrays, in an action movie style, the joys and challenges of the Christian journey. In three movements, it features familiar songs; He leadeth me! O blessed thought; By his hand (an acknowledgement to composer and songwriter Thomas Mack who is a long-serving member of Hempstead Citadel Band); and Lead me, lest I stray. The message of the music is clear: that in order for life to be lived as an adventure, it is best walked with and ed by Jesus Christ, the ultimate adventure-maker.

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    Explorers on the Moon - Paul Raphael

    Composed by Paul Raphael, Explorers on the Moon, the sequel to his 2017 work Destination Moon, was composed in 2019 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Moon Landings. It is inspired by the Belgian author Herge and his most famous creation, Tintin. The music uses Herge's story from 1950 - almost twenty years prior to the first ever moon landing - following Tintin and his fellow adventurers as they become the first humans on the Moon. This fantastic piece is split into three parts, titled 'Space', 'Nightmare Land' and 'The Journey Home' and is one of the most spectacular contest pieces in recent years.

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