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    The Deep - Andy Wareham

    This stunning work took the title of ‘Best Student Composition’ at the UniBrass 2016 contest and features a collection of maritime hymn tunes in an unusual setting. Featuring an optional narration at over the opening sequence, the work is scored for quartet (Cornet, Horn, Euphonium & Bass) & band. ’Nearer My God To Thee’, ‘Melita’ and ‘Will Your Anchor Hold?' are all featured in this exciting new work as you won’t have heard them before and is a great addition to any concert & contest repertoire.

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    Music Through The Ages - Steve Robson

    A fun and educational collection of 7 pieces created by Steve Robson, with optional narration, providing a time-travelling journey through the history of music to the present time.The movements can be used as stand-alone items or as a complete performance offering players and audiences alike an insight to the evolving styles of music through the ages:1. Fanfare2. The Passing of the VIth Legion A Patrol - Imagining the sound of theRoman Legion at Vindolanda (AD84)3. The Journey of St Cuthbert – A Plainchant (995)4. The Honorable Robert Shafto MP – Late Baroque Style (1749)5. The Very Capable Mr Mozart Classical Style - Rondo (1786)6. Sans Pareil March - Tribute to Timothy Hackworthand George Allan (1913)7. The Angel of the North – Contemporary composition (Present day)Provided with separately bound narration and narration incorporated into the score to enable a choice of compere/conductor presentation. Additional parts include 1st F Horn, 2nd F Horn, 1st Trombone in Bass Clef, 2nd Trombone in Bass Clef.A great performance extravaganza for junior/youth bands with the flexibility to be tailored to any concert programme.

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