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    Sonata Piana??e Forte

    DescriptionSonata Pian'e Forte means an instrumental piece using soft and loud dynamics. A "Sonata" (at this time) meant a piece for instruments (as opposed to voices). It was probably written to be played as part of a service at St Mark's, Venice. This is the earliest known piece to specify both the instruments to be played AND the dynamics in the written music.Gabrieli was born in Venice sometime between 1554 and 1557 and studied with the renowned Dutch composer Orlando di Lassus. He also studied with his uncle, Andrea Gabrieli, and eventually succeeded him as the organist and composer at St Mark's Basilica in Venice. Already renowned as a musical centre, Venice became a magnet for composers wishing to study with Gabrieli after 'Symphoniae Sacrae' was published.Like many of his works, Sonata Pian'e Forte was written to take advantage of the unique layout of St Mark's, which had galleries on three sides where the musicians could be placed to create novel spatial effects – utterly new and exciting for sixteenth century listeners. Sonata Pian'e Forte has two different antiphonal 'choirs' and in this arrangement the band is split into two groups to reflect Gabrieli's innovative idea. Ideally the two groups should be clearly separated so the the antiphonal effect comes across clearly, although this will of course depend on the performance space. On no account should the band remain in its normal seated formation!As Gabrieli didn't have any percussionists (and percussion was widely thought inappropriate for music performed in church anyway) there are no percussion parts in this music.This arrangement is available for full brass band or 8-piece brass ensemble andwas first performed by the Blackley Band conducted by Andrew Baker in 2004. To view a sample PDF preview of the score click here.Duration approximately 4'20".

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    Toccata e Fantasia - Thomas Doss

    Toccata e Fantasia was inspired by the composers' love of Anton Bruckner's fantastic wind instrument scoring in his symphonies. Within Toccata e Fantasia Thomas Doss has used several of Bruckner's motifs. In addition to these obvious references you will also find hints of Eastern music with the small motifs being repeated again and again in a sort of Indian guru's mantra, and an improvised blues section with a Big Band feel! A unique concert work that will thrill your audience.

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    Otto e Mezzo - ROTA, Nino (Arr.: John Glenesk Mortimer / Bertrand Moren)

    La passerella di addio / E poi / Carlotta's Galopp

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    Fanfare and Flying Theme (from E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial) (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Williams, John - Sykes, Steve

    John Williams’ instantly recognisable Fanfare And Flying Theme (from E.T. The Extra Terrestrial) is colourfully arranged for brass band by Steve Sykes.Suitable for Advanced Youth/3rd Section Bands and aboveDuration: 5.00

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    April in Paris (Brass Band/Score & Parts) - E. Y. Harburg

    , music by E. Y. (Yip) Harburgwith words by Vernon Duke. This is a classic song given excellent treatment by Mark Freeh as a Flugel Horn solo with brass band accompaniment.

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    The Meeting of the Waters - Ralph E. Pearce - -

    The Meeting of the Waters is a traditional Irish toasting song, which tells of the meeting of the two drinks as the toast is carried out. Ralph E. Pearce has skilfully adapted this beautiful and somewhat sentimental melody as a cornet solo. It is not a direct arrangement of the song, but rather a rhapsody that uses the tune as a basis for the basis of the work. After an introduction, the melody is presented twice, linked by a ruminative central section. This solo is also available with piano accompaniment as part of the Roger Webster Solo Series.

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    PoupA(c)e De Cire, PoupA(c)e De Son - Serge Gainsbourg - Jan van Kraeydonck

    Eurovision Song Contest Winner 1965

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    April in Paris - E Y Harburg

    April In Paris, music by E. Y. (Yip) HarburgAwith words by Vernon Duke. This is a classic song given excellent treatment by Mark Freeh as a Flugel Horn solo with brass band accompaniment.

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