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    General Series Band Journal December 2014 Numbers 2138 - 2141

    No. 2138 Song Arrangement - Praise his holy name! (Dean Jones)Dr Keith Hampton's song has been popular with choral groups for the best part of two decades. In this arrangement for band, Dean Jones has kept close to the original vocal version.No. 2139(1) Prelude on 'Hereford' (Norman Bearcroft)The beautiful tune of Hereford was written in 1872 by Samuel Sebastian Wesley and is often associated with the words of his grandfather, Charles Wesley; 'O thou who camest from above'.No. 2139(2) The Lord bless you and keep you (arr. Paul Sharman)Nik and Emma Pears have written this lovely setting of familiar words, which has been arranged as a benediction for band by Paul Sharman.No. 2140 Now I belong to Jesus (Steven Ponsford)This beautiful, descriptive arrangement of the well-loved song has an imaginatively extended ending, with long notes and rich harmonies, to give the impression of time stretching out into eternity.No. 2141 My name is written there! (Kenneth Downie)This setting of General Albert Orsborn's lovely song was inspired by a Corps retreat based on the theme 'The Calvary track'. The music provides a fitting commentary on the lyrics of the song.

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    Battle Ground - Paul Sharman

    This duet was written for Hendon Salvation Army band's annual Hendon Highlights concert, held at the Cadogan Hall in London. The soloists on that occasion were Philip Cobb and David Childs.A Salvation Army song entitled ‘God's Soldier' provides the main theme for the piece and the title is taken from a line from the song; ‘where evil reigns his battle ground'.This is a fun piece that gives the soloists an opportunity to show off their ability. The music is fast, lively and exciting and, on the whole, the soloists work together but there are times when there is an element of competition, almost ‘battling' each other musically.

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    To a Higher Place - Paul Sharman

    This Soprano Cornet solo is a 'song without words'. There is no specific word association; the music alone attempts to create an atmosphere of calm and serenity, and transport you to another place in the way only music can.

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    EXULTATE DEO (Brass Band Set) - Paul Sharman

    Translated as 'Praise the Lord', 'Exultate Deo' was conceived as an overture of praise to God. It brings together three contrasting songs of praise; 'Praise Him!', 'We are here to praise you' and 'Then will the very rocks cry out'. The bold opening uses the tune 'Gerontius' to which the words, 'Praise to the holiest in the height' are associated while the music concludes with the phrase 'Praise my soul, the King of Heaven'.

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    PURPOSE (Brass Band Set) - Paul Sharman

    Written for The Salvation Army United Kingdom Territorial Youth Band course 2009, the songs included all speak about having a purpose in our lives; 'Dare to be a Daniel' ('Standing by a purpose true'), 'Without you, I'll be nothing' and 'King of kings, Majesty' ('I live to serve your majesty').

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    PSALM OF THANKS (Brass Band Set) - Paul Sharman

    The composer is a former member of Birmingham Citadel Band and was asked to compose this piece for the band's 115th anniversary reunion weekend. It is a joyful expression of thanks using the well-known tune, 'Now thank we all our God'.

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    FLOURISH (Trumpet Solo wth Brass Band Set) - Paul Sharman

    This solo was written for Philip Cobb and takes its inspiration from Virtuosity, a trumpet solo by Kenny Baker. The song Hand me down my silver trumpet is referred to in the two outer sections while the laid-back, jazzy central section features the song When the roll is called up yonder. The reason for including this song is the first line of the first verse which reads When the trumpet of the Lord shall sound.

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    Star Of Wonder - Paul Sharman

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    Triumph Series Band Journal July 2019 Numbers 1311 - 1314

    1311 March Faithful Soldiers Noel Jones1312 Camel Train John Swansbury 1313 Euphonium Solo Thats the Spirit 1314 March Onward to Victory! Paul Sharman

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    Judd: Beyond Measure

    Paul Sharman

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