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    Memory - WEBBER, Andrew Lloyd (Arr.: Mortimer / Moren)

    from the Musical: Cats

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    MEMORY - Stuart Pullin

    This piece was written originally as the middle movement of a short suite for brass band, called Musings. The inspiration for the piece came from the death of a fellow player in a motorcycle accident aged only 25, and the feelings generated following his funeral.

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    Memory - Rob Ares

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    MEMORY (Brass Band) - Richards, Goff

    from Cats. Recorded on Polyphonic QPRL063D Romance in Brass Vol.2

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    Memory - Stuart Pullin

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    Memory (from Cats) - Andrew Lloyd Webber

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    Epitaph (for Hillsborough) - Peter Meechan

    Epitaph (for Hillsborough) was written on the 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough stadium disaster, April 15 1989, in memory of the 96 victims. All of the victims were fans of Liverpool Football Club, the club I have supported since I was a young child.The disaster unfolded in front of the BBC television cameras, and due to the importance of the match (FA Cup semi final), millions, including myself, witnessed it first hand, leaving a lasting impression in the public psyche.Several features of the piece were determined by the tragedy. The length of the piece, 6 and a half minutes, represents the minutes of the game that were played that day (The match was abandoned after 6 minutes), and the final thirty seconds of the work, where the band gently applaud, is a reference to the first match played after the tragedy, a European Cup semi final between AC Milan and Real Madrid.After 6 minutes, the referee blew his whistle and all the players stood still where they were, both sets of fans applauded in memory of the perished, and the fans of AC Milan began singing You'll Never Walk Alone, the anthem of Liverpool Football Club.The work also features 96 strikes of the tubular bells, in memory of each person who lost their life.Epitaph is dedicated to the 96 people who died that day, and to their families whose fight for justice is an inspiration to all.

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    One Day - Paul Lovatt-Cooper

    One Day was commissioned by Celia Barnes in the memory of her late partner Dave Dumolo. When Dave died suddenly aged 57 Celia wanted a living memory of Dave who was a big brass band fan. Celia wanted a concert piece that featured the flugelhorn and contacted Paul Lovatt-Cooper about composing the piece for her.Paul says "The flugelhorn is a great instrument for performing in both a classical and jazz style. It is the latter that I decided to compose this piece in the style of. I am very much a fan of the music of Pat Methany who is famous for his easy listening jazz styles. One Day follows in the footsteps of Pat Methany's music."

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    There is Peace - Bernard Verkaaik - Andrew Wainwright

    An arrangement of the beautiful hymn tune by Dutch composer Bernard Verkaaik. Dedicated to the memory of John Hill (Enfield) and recorded by the Amsterdam Staff Band, this piece will make an excellent benediction for your band.

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