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    Deep Inside the Sacred Temple - Pearl Fishers Duet (Euphonum Duet) - Georges Bizet - Robert Childs

    Bizet's opera, The Pearl Fishers, has the exotic setting of a quiet fishing village on the island of Ceylon in the time of antiquity. The plot revolves around best friends Zurga and Nadir, who swear an oath of friendship, vowing never again to let the love of a girl, Leila, come between them. However, when Leila returns, Nadir ignores his promise. Zurga wishes to kill them both but remembers an earlier act of loyalty and instead masterminds a selfless plot to save their lives.The opera is filled with rich melodies, particularly the tenor and baritone duet 'Au fond du temple saint' (Deep Inside the Sacred Temple), where Zurga and Nadir swear their oath of friendship. This has become known to audiences as 'The Pearl Fishers Duet'; here expertly arranged as a euphonium duet by Robert Childs. David & Robert Childs perform this arrangement accompanied by the Hendon Salvation Army Band on the Doyen CD Hear My Prayer (DOYCD166).

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    The Hornting Duet - Eb Tenor Horn Duet & Brass Band - David Beal

    A delightful original duet for 2 tenor horns

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    Die Politik | Euphonium & Baritone Duet | Richard Genee arr. Dario Salvi

    Richard Genee, a highly skilled librettist, playwright and composer is one of the lesser known names in the Viennese repertoire, yet his work is justifiably famous. He is best known for his libretto of Die Fledermaus, Johann Strauss II's most famous operetta, but also wrote many pieces of music in his own right, including the 1876 operetta 'Der Seerkadet'. Die Politik, subtitled: 'Politics requires Wisdom and Skill' was originally a comic duet for two male voices, discovered by Dario Salvi in the US Library of Congress, and arranged here for Euphonium and Baritone Duet with Brass Band.

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    The Flower Duet (Flugel and Tenor Horn Duet) - Leo Delibes - Christian Jenkins

    Popularised as the music accompanying the British Airways television advertisements, this well-known operatic duet has been arranged for flugel and tenor horn accompanied by brass band.

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    TIME AND ETERNITY (Cornet and Euphonium Duet with Brass Band Set) - Ivor Bosanko

    Following the popularity of the composer's earlier cornet and euphonium duet, 'I'll Not Turn Back', this duet was written for The International Staff Band's 2000 recording, 'Renaissance' on which the soloists were David Daws and Derick Kane.

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    BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE (Vocal Duet opt. Inst Duet/Brass Band) - Loesser, Frank - Gott, Barrie

    for Vocal (boy/girl) duet and brass band. Instrumental parts in B flat and E flat are included as alternatives to the boy/girl vocal parts.

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    DUET FROM DON GIOVANNI (Eb or Bb Cornet and Euphonium Duet with Brass Band) - Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Lorriman, Howard

    La ci darem la mano. Duet for Eb or Bb Cornet and Euphonium, Baritone or Trombone. Grade: Easy/Medium.

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    FLOWER DUET from 'Lakme' (Delibes/Sparke) (Cornet Duet/Brass Band) - Delibes, Leo - Sparke, Philip

    Duet for 2 B flat Cornets (or E flat Soprano and B flat Cornets) & Brass Band

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    Duet For Two Cats - G. Rossini - Len Jenkins

    "Duet For Two Cats" is often performed as an encore to vocal recitals and operatic galas. It may be sung by two sopranos, male-female pairs, or even as a tomcat duet and can be accompanied by a piano or a full orchestra. The lyrics are simple; the single word 'Miaow', repeated with various styles of inflexion and attitude throughout the piece. Our arrangement is for a cornet and trombone. The piece is generally ascribed to Rossini, though there is some doubt as to its actual origins and whether it is an authentic work by that composer. It is believed that an English composer, Robert Lucas Pearsall under the pseudonym G. Berthold may have assembled the various elements from Rossini and perhaps other composers into the piece as we now know it. In order to achieve the correct balance between band and soloists, there is a need to mute most of the band instruments. Recognising that not all bands will have the larger mutes which are expensive and sometimes unwieldy, we suggest a form of muting made famous by a jazz trumpeter and which works well on most instruments. It consists of a circle of heat resistant padded table covering or felt, slightly larger than the bell diameter, with an elasticated edge like a 'mop-hat'. With 3 holes in it to let the sound out, the mute is then simply stretched over the bell to achieve the desired effect and folded up when not required.

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    Flower Duet (Flugel And Tenor Horn Duet) - Leo Delibes

    Popularised as the music accompanying the British Airways television advertisements, this well-known operatic duet has been arranged for flugel and tenor horn.

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