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    Bellum et Pax (Brass Band - Score only)

    Bellum et Pax is a composition describing the two ancient concepts of 'war' and 'peace.' While this piece appears to be one single movement, it consists of four sections that flow into one another. Mysterious and threatening tones lead the way into an epic battle between the chaos of war and enlightenment of peace. Peace triumphs, but menacing bass notes at the end symbolize the constant presence and threat of war and violence in the world. 11:45

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    Fire - Pimpanit Karoonyavanich

    Fire - Pimpanit Karoonyavanich - 08'30'' - BVT113 Fire is one of the four great elements; earth, water, wind and fire, which create the universe in buddhistic aspect. Fire creates living beings, fire gives world warmth and fire can be the symbol of romance. However, fire can also destroy the world when human uses it out of their angriness, hatred and jealousy. This piece begins with the creation of the world and living beings. The slow movement in the middle of the piece defines fire as the symbol of warmth and romance. After the warm moment of fire has gone, the theme of war begins. It is caused by the misuse of fire from human which brings the world and humanity to the end. The strong ending of this piece represents the end of world and humanity.

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