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    When a Knight Won His Spurs - Traditional - Thomas, B

    Many people of a certain age will be familiar with When a Knight won his Spurs. A God-fearing Knight battling fearsome dragons and ogres really sticks in the memory, along with the fabulous folk tune.Prefaced by a mysterious opening derived from the melody itself, the tune appears a further three times, linked by a glittering fanfare. The folk feel of the original tune has been retained, and the piece drives along using a dual 3/4 – 6/8 time signature. The first statement of the tune is a conventional harmonisation; the second statement uses more colourful harmonies, and the triumphal final statement follows a dramatic upward key change. Three minutes in length makes it an ideal opener.2nd section +

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    How The West Was Won - Alfred Newman

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    How the West Was Won

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    When a Knight Won His Spurs

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    I Wont Say (I'm In Love) - Alan Menken - Richard Rock

    A great piece to give the horn players of your band something to get stuck into. Music from the animated Disney film "Hercules" is based upon the Greek mythology (albeit, slightly altered to be suitable for children!) telling the story of Hercules. This piece is sung by Meg as she realizes she is falling in love with him. The music for the film by composer Alan Menken was nominated for an Academy award, however sadly, was released at the same time at "Titanic" where James Horner's score won instead. Now arranged by Richard Rock as a grand feature for your bands horn section, pleasing to play and to listen too.

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    The Deep - Andy Wareham

    This stunning work took the title of ‘Best Student Composition’ at the UniBrass 2016 contest and features a collection of maritime hymn tunes in an unusual setting. Featuring an optional narration at over the opening sequence, the work is scored for quartet (Cornet, Horn, Euphonium & Bass) & band. ’Nearer My God To Thee’, ‘Melita’ and ‘Will Your Anchor Hold?' are all featured in this exciting new work as you won’t have heard them before and is a great addition to any concert & contest repertoire.

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    Sa ta mitt hjerte - Moldestad-Ditlevsen - Idar Torskangerpoll

    This is a tune by Sigrid Moldestad (b. 1972), a Norwegian folk artist. She has based it on a warm and beautiful poem by Danish author Tove Ditlefsen. A text for and about love.Sigrid Moldestad won the "Spellemannsprisen" (the Norwegian equivalent to Grammy) in 2005 as a part of the group Gamaltnymalt. She won the price two years later, this time as solo artist for the record album Taus. Both times in the Folk Music category.So Take My Heart was released in 2012 as a part of the album Himlen har sove bort morkret.

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    Skylines - Paul Lovatt-Cooper

    Skylines is composed in a funk style with a rigid bass line allowing various soloists to shine. It is composed in a style that many brass band traditionalists won't find stereotypical. That doesn't mean it won't challenge the youth bands who attempt to perform it though!Skylines will test all sections of the band and will provide a great opportunity for ensembles to develop their rhythmic playing, soloistic style and general ensemble skills. It is fresh and different and hopefully enjoyable for bands and audiences alike.

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    The group Teach-In, from the Netherlands, won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1975 with the song Ding-a-Dong. It was the fourth time that a Dutch entry had won the prestigious festival but since then no Dutch artist has even come near first place again. The original Ding-a-Dong was performed, in keeping with tradition, with the accompaniment of a large orchestra. This sparkling arrangement of the catchy song provides a cheerful note in every concert. The melody will certainly stay in the audience's memory long after the performance.

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