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    Wellington March - Wilhelm Zehle

    This set is march card sized

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    Open All Hours - Wellington Guernsey & Joseph Ascher - John Lee

    The theme tune from one of Britain’s iconic comedy shows is in fact, an old tune entitled ‘Alice, Where Art Thou’ composed by Joseph Ascher, a Dutch composer and pianist. The opening title sequence of the show heard brass arranger, Max Harris performing his own version of the tune, who also composed the incidental music for the show. This light-hearted release coincides with the release of the new Open All Hours series starring David Jason who now runs the corner shop years later. A great easy going summer concert item and one that audience members will truly enjoy.(also playable by training bands)

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    Rhapsody in Brass - Dean Goffin

    Rhapsody in Brass is in three movements and was written for the British Open Championships in 1949, held at Belle Vue in Manchester. The contest winners were Fairey Aviation Works Band under the baton of Harry Mortimer. Eric Ball came second with Ransome & Marles and Stanley Boddington 3rd with Munn and Felton Band. Rhapsody in Brass had the unusual distinction of being written as a test piece by a Salvation Army composer. Eric Ball's Resurgam was the only other piece to achieve that dual personality in that era.Dean Goffin was born in 1916 in Wellington, New Zealand, son of Henry Goffin, a Salvation Army officer and composer. At 19 he was appointed Bandmaster of the Wellington South Band and when World War II started, he enlisted in the New Zealand Armed Forces where he became Bandmaster of the 20th Infantry Battalion and later the 4th Brigade Band. During the time he served with them in the Middle East and Europe, he composed and arranged numerous pieces among which Rhapsody in Brass and the march Bel Hamid, later adapted for Salvation Army use and renamed Anthem of the Free.After the war, Dean kept on composing and his work was featured by the Wellington South Band. Later he transferred to Timaru for another job and became Bandmaster there. He was studying music at the time and as he wanted to take part in a competition for devotional selections for Salvation Army use, he sent some of his compositions to the International Headquarters. When Rhapsody for Brass was chosen as the test-piece for the British Open Championships, people at the Salvation Army started asking questions about the lack of publications of his work. It was discovered that the pieces submitted for the competition didn't meet the exact criteria. Among these pieces was one of his most appealing works The Light of the World which was published a year later, in 1950, the same year as he completed his Bachelor of Music studies at Otagu University.After entering the Salvation Army Training College in Wellington with his wife, Marjorie, Dean was in 1956 appointed National Bandmaster in the British Territory. Later he became National Secretary for Bands and Songster Brigades and in this period he organised the yearly festival in the Royal Albert Hall and was responsible for the national music schools in the UK. Dean returned to his home country in 1966 and to mark the centenary of the Salvation Army in New Zealand he was knighted by the Queen in 1983. Sir Dean Goffin died on 23 January 1984.

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    Crimson Moon (Brass Band - Score and Parts) - Vail, Dale

    Crimson Moon is a work written for Solo Trombone and Brass Band. The work was inspired by a red moon that appeared over Wellington in 2014. Crimson Moon depicts a fictional theory that the colour was caused by a raging fire on the moon's surface. The trombone soloist is a pair of eyes experiencing the phenomenon first hand, depicting the sights, excitement, and adrenalin that could be invoked by such an event. The band is the environment around the soloist, unpredictable and exciting.

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    The Wellingtonian (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    Scotney immortalised his native town and corps in this march and also in 'Wellington Citadel'. In a departure from normal process, Scotney uses a Salvation Army song, 'A robe of white' in the first strain while the hymn-like trio section has no associated text.

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    The Wellingtonian (Brass Band - Score only)

    Scotney immortalised his native town and corps in this march and also in 'Wellington Citadel'. In a departure from normal process, Scotney uses a Salvation Army song, 'A robe of white' in the first strain while the hymn-like trio section has no associated text.

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    Spanning Revolutions - Matthew Hall

    Spanning RevolutionsSpanning Revolutions was commissioned by The Ironbridge Gorge Brass Band Festival in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Ironbridge Gorge being made a UNESCO World Heritage Site.The premiere performance was given at the Festival in 2011, based at the Museum of Iron, Coalbrookdale, Shropshire, performed by the combined bands of Tongwynlais Temperance and Wellington (Telford) under the direction of the composer.The Ironbridge Gorge is seen as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution; the section between G and I is a representation of a steam engine starting up.Spanning Revolutions

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    Sharpe's Theme - John Tams & Dominic Muldowney - Len Jenkins

    "Sharpe" is a popular British series of television dramas starring Sean Bean as Richard Sharpe, a fictional British soldier in the Napoleonic Wars, principally in Spain, Portugal and France. His activities and adventures are based on a number of novels by Bernard Cornwell, which reflect the military campaigns of the Duke of Wellington (as he became) and were filmed mainly in Turkey and Crimea, although some filming was also done in England, Spain and Portugal. This music, composed by John Tams and Dominic Muldowney, contains two aspects of the series; the iconic introductory signature tune and the equally familiar 'Over the Hills and Far Away' originally sung by John Tams (who also acted in the series) which features in the closing scenes of each episode. This arrangement is within the capabilities of a good 4th section brass band.

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    Euphonium Concerto - Anthony Ritchie

    This concerto was commissioned by euphonium soloist Byron Newton to perform with the Wellington Brass Band and the Royal Air Force Band in 2015, with financial assistance from Creative New Zealand. It is in four movements, but can be performed as a thr

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    Down In The Brunner Mine - Anthony Ritchie

    Down In The Brunner Mine was commissioned by the Onslow Brass Band in Wellington, New Zealand, and first performed and broadcast in 1996.It is a short set of variations based on a New Zealand folksong called Down in the Brunner Mine. The folksong describes the Brunner coal mine on the west coast near Greymouth and tells of the disaster that happened there in the 1890's when about 60 men were killed in a mine collapse. Here is the first stanza:We worked in the heat and the thick black dust,Sticks to your skin like a burnt pie crust.We rue each day the miner must,Go down in the Brunner mine.Down In The Brunner Mine is dedicated to Helen Aldred, who conducted the first performance.

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