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    Buffoon . . . - Lucy Pankhurst

    We all need a little buffoonery at times, and this enjoyable creation from Lucy Pankhurst completely hits the mark with its melody being so 'buffoon-like' in its movement and harmonies.Reminiscent of circus-style music, the piece is thinly scored to start and then gradually develops gentle variations of the melody. These are shared throughout the band until a peak of harmonies and tempo leads to a settled return to a more reflective ending.An imaginative development of a simple tune which makes for a versatile light concert item ... it's also likely that the main melody will stay in your mind days after hearing it!

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    Trusting Faith (Euphonium Solo with Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    This piece is based on the melody Faith is the victory (T.B. 128) and throughout the solo we follow a person's journey of faith. In the first movement, the bold and confident opening depicts a seemingly strong and certain faith, although perhaps a little naive and immature. The music suggests that if we are certain enough, then we will see our prayers immediately answered and will witness miracles. But what happens when we don't see those miracles happen, or our prayers seem unanswered? Doubt creeps in and the music quickly becomes a full struggle continuing through to the end of the moment.What do you do when you faith amounts to something other than what you thought it to be? The beginning of the second movement reflects this questions and starts hesitantly and full of doubt. Soon, a new melody is introduced, Trusting as the moments fly (T.B. 263). The words of the chorus remind us that true faith should bot be affected by fears or disappointments, that our trust in God should remain. Realising that a faith that holds firm, though being tested over time, becoming deeper and stronger, is a liberating truth. We no longer need to struggle in our strength alone, but can lean on God instead.When we lean on God, reset in his care, and feel. safe in his hands, then faith has really become our victory. We will then become strong disciples who can meet life's various challenges without wavering or being afraid. This is depicted in the final movement of the solo when both melodies, whose messages complement each other, are woven together in an explosive finale.

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