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    The Last Night of Fall - Etienne Crausaz

    This beautiful chorale for Brass Band illustrates the winter solstice, the longest night of the year. Describing the end of nature's cycle, it has a rather melancholic character until the final chord which symbolises the new beginning. This contemplative work is ideal for creating a moment of tranquillity during a concert, and is also suitable as a warm-up piece.

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    Eternal Father, strong to save - John Bacchus Dykes - Jacob de Haan

    Eternal father Strong to Save is a arrangement from the charale of the same name. This work is ideal for use in church services, however it also makes a useful warm-up piece or a quiet interlude in any concert.

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    Sjakkmatt! - Hans Offerdal

    How do you experience the final thrilling minutes of a chess game when your opponent has taken the upper hand? And how does it actually feel being beaten checkmate? This piece gives you the answers! There are challenges in use of dynamics, articulation, intensity and gradually increasing tempo. Dissonances are present several places, but the voice leading is diatonic and often in repeating patterns. The whole piece is based on one single scale: Bb major scale with augmented fourth and minor seventh. It is notated as a concert Bb major scale with two accidentals. Feel free to use it during warm-up!

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    Shipston Prelude - Stephen Bulla

    A beautiful offertory-style addition to the brass band repertoire. This endearing traditional English melody, originally collected and harmonised by Raph Vaughan Williams, is now included in many of today's hymn books. An uplifting piece for schools or church concerts, this skilfully crafted arrangement also makes a delightful warm-up piece.

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