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    Trimbeka - Carl Wittrock

    Trimbeka is a composition which owes its existence to the anniversary of music society "de Vlecke" in Gorredijk. The name Gorredijk originates from "goor" or "gor", which means : bog. Along the marshy peat ran a "dijk" (the Dutch word for dike), called the Gordijk. The name of the village resembles that of the home town of the composer himself, who comes from a town in Twente called Goor. Three streams used to run through the area around Gorredijk. the historical name Trimbeets (Trimbeka), meaning three brooks, recalls this to mind. Gorredijk was a flourishing "Vlecke", i.e. large village, which was situated on an intersection of important connecting roads.The liveliness which this entailed is one of the distinctive elements in Trimbeka. Furthermore, ominous sounds possibly refer to the dangers of the bog, while the resonance of the merriment during the annual fair can also be heard. The slow middle movement is an ode to the beautiful landscape surrounding the village.

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    DEVON FANTASY (Brass Band Set) - Eric Ball

    About the lovely county of Devon are songs and stories galore, for it has 'the best of both worlds' in its seascapes and inland scenery. This suite will perhaps bring to remembrance a few aspects of its beauty. The fantasy is in four easily distinguished parts; I. Moorland Songs; here is loneliness as well as beauty. II. The Fair; containing a reference to the song, Widdicombe Fair. III. Quiet Village; little disturbs the even tenor of life, and the 'echo' of music from the church serves to deepen the peace all around. IV. Seafarers; swashbuckling music with reminiscences of half-forgotten shanties.

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