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    Contrasts - Jan Van der Roost

    Contrasts was written for, and dedicated to, trombone soloist Dr. Brett Baker. As the titles indicates, contrasting elements characterize this challenging piece. The slow movement Sounds has a somewhat dark and sombre atmosphere, with complex harmonies and special sound effects. However, the second movement, Caprice, is energetic, entertaining, virtuosic and somewhat whimsical - quite a contrast indeed with the first!

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    Albion (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    Albion was commissioned by the Swiss Brass Band Federation as the test piece for the National Brass Band Championships of England, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Switzerland in 2001, and for Norway in 2002. The composition is dedicated to Markus Bach.Albion, along with Excalibur and Stonehenge, is the third major piece for brass band in which Jan Van der Roost took his inspiration from the British Middle Ages. Although the work is not based on an actual story there are unmistakable epic elements found in this symphonic poem. The piece paints a picture of the conquest of Albion (the earliest known name of the British Island), in which the listener is taken back to the time of King Arthur and his legendary Knights of the Round Table. 13:00

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    Conzensus (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    This stately concert opener was originally written by Jan Van der Roost for a special event in which six respected wind orchestras (two Belgian and four Dutch) of different composition (two symphonic bands, two fanfare bands and two brass bands) were featured during six concerts. Each evening brought forth a performance by a symphonic band, a fanfare, and brass band, so that the audience could experience all three types of ensembles. This was indeed an original concept.The name, ConZEnSus, comes from a combination of the words, 'Concert Cyclus' (concert series) and 'zes' (Dutch for 'six'). This leads to a new word, which refers to 'consensus'. The general tenor of the cycle is thus immediately indicated. The richness of color of the various ensembles is revealed through an open and friendly atmosphere. During all six concerts (over a span of three years), ConZEnSus functioned as a permanent opening number for each orchestra. Thus the same musical story was portrayed in three different packages. 02:33

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    Firework (Brass Band - Score and Parts)

    In composing Firework Jan Van der Roost has once again succeeded in creating another spectacular intro following on Flashing Winds and Signature. In just over a minute the composer shows the band off in a powerfull and virtuose manner. 01:17

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    Triumphant Brass

    1-3On the Shoulders of GiantsPeter GrahamCory Band I. 4.42 II. 6.41 III. 5.394Titan's ProgressHermann PallhuberCory Band17.025From Ancient TimesJan Van Der RoostCory Band18.076-9Brass TriumphantGareth WoodCory Band I. 1.55 II. 3.23 III. 5.48 IV. 3.37

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    From Ancient Times - Jan Van Der Roost

    From Ancient Times is a major work for brass band, inspired largely by the music of the Franco-Flemish School of the Renaissance. Hints of Gregorian chant and middle age dances pay tribute to music from even earlier times. The foundation of this spectacular work rests on truly ‘ancient times’ while the tonal language is of a much more modern nature!

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    Signature - Jan Van der Roost

    This opener was written for the 10th anniversary of Brass Band Midden Brabant (BBMB), the composer's own band. A soft and lyrical middle section follows on the powerful opening fanfare which, if the technical equipment is available, can be used as background music for a spoken text or presentation. The finale is distinctly rhythmical in character, and develops into a somewhat unusual ending. Here, the composer piles ten different notes on top of each other, representing the BBMB anniversary in a musical way. At a later date the composer made two new versions of Signature, namely for wind band and fanfare.

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