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    Dunelm is the abbreviated for of the Latin word 'Dunelmensis' meaning 'of Durham' and hence also the alias of the Bishop of Durham. The music is inspired by one of the finest gothic cathedrals in England, the great Norman foundation of Durham. As you approach Durham from the south by train the imposing and glorious vision of the cathedral remains as impressive now as it must have been to the twelfth century peasantry it was designed to overawe. The music contrasts two simple themes which start quietly and grow in volume and majesty to a glorious conclusion.

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    A British Isles Suite - Jonathan Bates - -

    A British Isles Suite is a musical exploration of poetry from around the British Isles. Each movement takes inspiration from a quote of literature specific to the country in question. The work is written in a symphonic style with a moderately paced opening movement, a slow and expressive second movement, a lively two-part minuet and a grand finale.I - Scotland "When chill November's surley blast, make fields and forest bare" - from Man Was Made To Mourn by Robert BurnsII - Wales "Though lovers be lost, love shall not" - from And Death Shall Have No Dominion by Dylan ThomasIII Isle of Man "Make us free as thy sweet mountain air" - from the Isle of Man National Anthem by William GillIV Ireland "How do we tell the dancer from the dances?" - from Among School Children by William Butler YeatsV England "Be not afraid of greatness" - from Twelfth Night by William ShakespeareA British Isles Suite was selected as the test piece for the 4th Section final of the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain 2012

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