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    Open All Hours - Wellington Guernsey & Joseph Ascher - John Lee

    The theme tune from one of Britain's iconic comedy shows is in fact, an old tune entitled 'Alice, Where Art Thou' composed by Joseph Ascher, a Dutch composer and pianist. The opening title sequence of the show heard brass arranger, Max Harris performing his own version of the tune, who also composed the incidental music for the show. This light-hearted release coincides with the release of the new Open All Hours series starring David Jason who now runs the corner shop years later. A great easy going summer concert item and one that audience members will truly enjoy.(also playable by training bands)

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    Willy Wonka (Selections From) - Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newman - Gavin Somerset

    Few people have not seen the 1971 film starring Gene Wilder as the eccentric chocolatier, offering tours of his chocolate factory to those lucky enough to find the hidden golden ticket. Whilst initialy a box office failure, the film went on to become a favourite in households across the world, years after its initial release. Now for the first time, your band can enjoy the music from the film in this selection that includes 'Golden Ticket', 'The Candy Man' and of course, the unforgettable 'Pure Imagination'. The music of Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley has been a hit for many years and continues to make TV and radio appearances. 'The Candy Man' was perhaps best known when covered by Sammy Davis Jr where it made it to number one in the USA. 'Pure Imagination' has been used countless times in adverts in the media and more recently, recorded by Jamie Callum for his album 'Momentum'. 'Pure Imagination' can also be performed as a stand-alone item. This is truly an all-time classic filled with a feast of musical variety that fits well into just about any concert. A must for all band libraries. To download the Solo Cornet part, please CLICK HERE . To download the Solo Horn part, please CLICK HERE . To download the Solo Euphonium part, please CLICK HERE . To download the playback audio to play along to, please RIGHT CLICK HERE & Save As .

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    The Windmills of La Mancha - Steve Robson

    Composed by Steve Robson and scored specifically for our Flexi-Collection World Tour Series, this lively piece brings a truly Spanish flavour to the stage. Using the colourful story of Don Quixote as its inspiration, the composer has used the distinctive Spanish rhythms and harmonies to create a memorable performance that will no doubt get the audience finishing off with a loud "Ole"!The Windmills of La Mancha is part of the Flexi-Collection World Tour Series.Look and Listen (courtesy of Ushaw's Youth Brass Concert - World Tour 2019):Our Flexi-Collection Series:Flexible scoring tailored to your needs - a perfect solution for expanding the repertoire of Junior/Youth brass bands and ensembles. The Flexi-Collection currently offers two series and these will be regularly expanded to offer groups an even wider variation of music. Based on four-part harmony, these collections provide brass groups with the advantage of complete flexibility when may not be balanced.Added Extras:Each part of The World Tour Series also includes rudimentary theory reference sheet and Learn Together Moments (warm-up passages which relate to each of the styles of pieces included in the whole series). The score also includes background/programme notes and Check It Out ideas to encourage the players to find out more about the music style and/or inspiration behind the piece.If players or instruments are missing, the show can still go on! The thoughtful scoring and arranging by Steve Robson now means that groups of all abilities have access to a truly flexible set of music for their needs.Available for Brass Band (with world parts included), pieces included in our World Tour Series offer flexibility in every sense of the word.(Available individually or as part of the completeFlexi-Collection World Tour Series Album).

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    Hyperlink - Peter Graham

    Hyperlink was commissioned by the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain (funded by Arts Council England and the Department for Education) for its 70th Anniversary Year. Since the anniversary coincided with other significant celebrations in 2022 (including the Royal Albert Hall/Ralph Vaughan Williams 150th and the Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II) it was requested that these also be recognised in some way.

    Where better to begin this challenging brief but with a computer search for the NYBBGB founder Dr Denis Wright (coincidently born in Kensington, home of the RAH). The subsequent rabbit warren of hyperlinks led me to structure the work through a series of "associations":

    Movement I - The Voice of Jupiter.

    Alongside the discovery that Denis Wright had been a church organist was the realisation that while the RAH has hosted thousands of musical events the fabric of the building actually incorporates a musical instrument, the famous Henry Wills organ (aka The Voice of Jupiter).Organ and J S Bach are synonymous (e.g. Toccata in D min) and so both become fundamental to the content of the movement. An opening 7 note quote from the Toccata leads to a mammoth sound cluster, as if every note on the huge RAH organ is sustained. The material which follows is based upon the notes BACH (in German notation). The notes are manipulated in various ways in a 12 tone matrix; reversed, inverted and so on. Other techniques employed in the movement are ones of which Bach was master, including ground bass and fugue.

    Movement II - Remember Me.

    The lives of Salvationist composer Ray Steadman-Allen (born 1922) and Ralph Vaughan Williams are remembered here, with "RSA" in musical notation and fragments of RVWs famous Tuba Concerto providing the source material.While writing the movement my father passed away and to close his funeral service the family chose the uplifting Robert Lowry hymn They'll sing a welcome home. It seemed fitting to conclude the movement with a reflective setting of the chorus, the repeated phrase "Welcome, welcome home" eventually disappearing into the ether.

    Movement III - Vivat.

    The finale takes the form of a short fantasy upon Hubert Parry's marvellous coronation anthem I Was Glad, truly a celebratory note with which to conclude.The first performance of Hyperlink was given by the NYBBGB conducted by Martyn Brabbins at the Royal College of Music, London on August 6th 2022.

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    Dreams of America (Brass Band) Derek Jenkins

    Dreams of America was commissioned by the National Youth Brass Band of America. The concept of the 'American Dream' is an indelible part of the American psyche. Over time, notions of success, fame, and fortune have become synonymous with this idea. Some have achieved their personal 'American Dreams', and yet for others they often remain only a dream. Dreams of America takes a look at certain, generalised aspects of the 'American Dream' and pits them against the harsh realities faced by many, both in the past and present. To heighten these dichotomies, each movement is accompanied by a slideshow of historic and modern images related to the issues at hand. Movement 1: Yearning to Breathe Free explores the anger, fear, and subjugation that seems rampant in recent years, but has been present throughout the country's founding. Movement 2: Take my Stand looks at the role that change, protest, and equality has had and continues to have in our society. Movement 3: It Beckons and Beckons examines the beauty of nature and our role in preserving and protecting this country's natural wonders while illustrating the ease of which our environment can be ruined and destroyed. Movement 4: Sweet Land of Liberty reflects onthe composer's interpretation at what truly makes the United States of America a great country - the people who call this place home. The patriotic tune America the Beautiful has been woven throughout, in part for its poetic depiction of the American landscape and its call for "brotherhood from sea to shining sea!" Sheet music available from: UK - USA - Difficulty Level: 1st Section + Instrumentation: 1 Soprano Cornet (Eb) 9 Cornets (Bb) 1 Flugelhorn 3 Tenor Horns (Eb) 2 Baritones (Bb) 2 Trombones (Bb) 1 Bass Trombone 2 Euphoniums (Bb) 2 Basses (Eb) 2 Basses (Bb) 4 Percussion

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    Tireless Flame, The - Jonathan Bates

    DIFFICULTY: 1st+. DURATION: 6'00". Commissioned by the Reg Vardy Brass Band for their 2019 appearance at the Brass in Concert Championships, held at The Sage in. Gateshead, 'The Tireless Flame' is an energetic and driven concert finisher inspired by the idea of a fire burning at different velocities. but never truly going out. The outer 2 sections are the work are in a minimalist style using effects typical of the style such as phasing. and development throughout, whilst the central section is almost hymn like in nature, showcasing the band's ability to control the . extremes of dynamics. .

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    Blue | Gansch arr. John Doyle

    A truly stunning piece of music written by the world famous Thomas Gansch of Mnozil Brass, and artfully arranged for Brass Band. The stage performance of this piece includes a Solo septet of three trumpets,tenor horn, two trombones and a tuba. The main band fills in the accompaniment. Trumpet 1 has a tricky part to play, but all other parts are straightforward. First performed by the Leyland Band at Music in Concert 2014, this is a real favourite, and a stunning show piece. Instrumentation: Solo Septet: Trumpets 1, 2 and 3 Solo Tenor Horn Trombones 1 & 2 Bb Tuba Main Band: Soprano, Solo, Repiano, 2nd and 3rd Cornets Flugelhorn 1st and 2nd Tenor Horns 1st and 2nd Baritone 1st, 2nd and Bass Trombone Euphonium Eb and Bb Basses Drum Kit Tambourine Bongos ISMN: 979-0-708127-94-9

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    Images of the Millennium - Suite - H. Snell

    See the notes of the full original version for details of the movements of this Suite. This work was set as a Second Section test piece in the UK Area contests, in a cut version, which is NOT sanctioned for concert performance. The choice was rather advanced for that Section: it would truly be a big test for a 1st section contest and could be fairly used in the Championship.

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    The Spider's Web - Mike Sheppard

    The Spider's Web is a metaphor for danger, uncertainty and risk. Throughout the piece moments of danger contrast with moments of tranquility at certain points these two ideas merge and in others they battle against one another. In this piece which requires a lot of technical skills for the players, the composer moves unexpectedly from moments of peacefulness to situations of threat and danger. An impressive, versatile and truly spectacular piece!

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    Of Distant Memories - Edward Gregson

    Parts only. Of Distant Memories pays homage to the brass band composers that form the backbone of the brass band repertoire and their music, and in the process summons up a kind of subconscious memory bank of the musicallanguages, styles and forms used by them. The music is conceived in the form of a 'traditional' tone poem, reflecting certain aspects (e.g. melodic, harmonic, textural)of those early test pieces. Although fairly traditionalconcepts have been kept in planning the architecture of the work, certain aspects of the instrumentation, or scoring, are more contemporary in colouristic terms, as befits a composer writing in the 21st century. However, thepercussion requirements are fairly modest, similar to those used in the works of that period. The brass band tradition owes much to the composers of that period, for through their music they established a truly homogenous'British' brass band sound which has spread throughout many parts of the world. That tradition flourishes today and remains important for today's composers, even if their musical language is far removed from that of theirpredecessors. Of Distant Memories is the composers own way of repaying that gratitude.

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