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    Thank You And See You Again - Christoph Walter

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    Thank You for the Music

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    Windsor Variations - Gavin Somerset

    The first major Concert Work/Test Piece by Gavin Somerset for brass band takes the familiar tune, St. George's Windsor (Elvey) and gives us a highly enjoyable opus, full of music with which players & MDs can fully express themselves. Often sang to the harvest hymn, Come, Ye Thankful People Come, Its majesty and motifs make this an enjoyable piece to both play and listen to. The work's primary focus is on melody and music with all sections of the band involved in bringing this piece to life. At harvest time or any other, this is a great new feature work for the brass band repertoire. GET THE PARTS FREE TO REHEARSE AT HOME Whilst Brass Band rehearsals continue to be suspended, we are offering FREE downloads of any of the instrumental parts for this new work*. A downloadable playback of the work is also available for you to play along to with a click track included where deemed appropiate to aid your home practice. To download your free instrumental part, please send us a quick email to [email protected] Once we have received your request, you shall be emailed your free music. Please allow up to 24hrs for this to arrive. Thank you. To download the playback audio to play along to, please RIGHT CLICK HERE & Save As . *A maximum of 2 parts per email address allowed

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    Triumph Series Band Journal March 2014 Numbers 1247-1250

    No.1247 March - Spirit of Darwin (Noel Jones)This march was written as a tribute to Majors Hilton and Wilga Morris for the wonderful ministry they provided as reginal officers. It includes two well-known Salvation Army songs; 'Ever is the War Cry, Victory, Victory!' and'O My Heart is Full of Music and of Gladness'.No. 1248 Duke Street Variations (Andrew Mackereth)A set of variations on the well-known tune 'Duke Street', written at the request of Young People's Bandleader Andrew Laird for the centenary weekend of the Clydebank YP Band in 2012. No.1249 Prelude - Thank you, Lord (David Rowsell)A prelude based on the chorus 'Thank you , Lord for saving my soul'.No. 1250 Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (Howard Davies)A setting of the well-loved melody 'Turn your eyes upon nJesus', which also incorporates the tune 'Open our eyes, Lord'.

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    First Things First Vol.2 Full Score

    Following the success of Volume 1, here is Volume 2 containing 20 new pieces:Chorus Arrangement - Clap your Hands (Derick Kane)Easter Intrada (Nicholas Samuel)Father, we adore you ((Ralph Pearce)March - Give thanks to the Lord (Trevor Davis)Happy all the time (Martin Cordner)March - Hold On! (Erik Silfverberg)Holy Ground (Trevor Davis)Prelude - In this place (Nicholas Samuel)Marching Saints (Ralph Pearce)New Life (Ray Steadman-Allen)Intrada - O come. all ye faithful (Andrew Blyth)Send the Fire! (Erik Silfverberg)Soon and very soon (Derick Kane)March - Stand up for Jesus (Noel Jones)Song Arrangement - Thank You! ((Andrew Blyth)The Lord's my shepherd (Ray Steadman-Allen)There is a redeemer (Dean Jones)We give thanks (Ralph Pearce)Winter's Rock! (Andrew Blyth)Wonderful Lord (Martin Cordner)

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    Elegy - Kenneth Hesketh

    Elegy is a consortium commission in celebration of the 75th birthday of the distinguished wind band conductor Timothy Reynish. The music derives from a youthful symphony written when Hesketh was 16, the same source as his popular Masque. Full of big tunes and bitter-sweet harmonies, Elegy is a heartfelt thank you to a conductor who has done more than most to widen the vision of the wind orchestra movement.Brass Band Grade 5: 1st SectionDuration: 7 minutes.Elegy has been recorded by the Leyland Band, conducted by Jason Katsikaris, and is available on the CD Penlee.

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    Descriptiongeminiis a virtuosicsolo for unaccompanied cornet, inspired by the constellation of the same name and one of a small sequence of works inspired by the composer’s love of astronomy.Gemini is a constellation visible in the night sky overhead in January and February, between Taurus, Cancer and Auriga. Gemini is latin for "twins", as the constellation's two brightest stars represent the mythological twins Castor and Pollux. Bizarrely, despite being twins, Castor and Pollux had two different fathers and hence two different fates and personalities. This work is dedicated to the composer’s friend Lizzy Tonge. The opening melody takes its outline from the song 'Thank You' by Dido.Listen to an audio preview while following the music below:

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