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    The Turtle Dove - Etienne Crausaz

    The Turtle Dove is without a doubt one of the most well-known British folk songs, right up there with the likes of Greensleeves or Drink to Me Only. The Turtle Dove has been skillfully arranged for concert band by Swiss composer and arranger Etienne Crausaz, carefully keeping the mood and intimacy of the original melody.

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    PAEAN (Brass Band Set) - Dudley Bright

    Commissioned by the Swiss Christian Brass Band Association in celebration of their 150th anniversary, the title 'Paean' means a shout of thanksgiving and praise. It is also the composer's personal expression of gratitude to God following major surgery. Although 'Paean' includes three fairly contemporary Christian songs, it is not intended to be played in any kind of rock or jazz style. The idiom is quite firmly rooted in brass band tradition. The opening fanfare-like section begins in celebratory mood before becoming more contemplative through the song 'Father God, I wonder'. A change of tempo heralds the statement of the thematically significant song 'Hosanna' before immediately moving to 'Faithful God'. Following a fugato the music retraces its steps to a triumphant restatement of the opening music.

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