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    Submerged Cathedral, The - Debussy, C.

    The Breton legend of Ys, and the occasional rising of its cathedral from the waves, gave rise to one of Debussy's most graphic musical impressions. All of the composer's genius for picture painting is used in depicting the watery scene, the majesty of the cathedral rising and then sinking back under the sea.

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    Submerged Cathedral, The Debussy, C.

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    The Submerged Cathedral - Debussy, CArranger:

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    La Cathedrale Engloutie (The Sunken Cathedral) Debussy arr: Dan Price

    L a Cathedrale Engloutie (The Submerged / Sunken Cathedral) is a prelude written by French composer Claude Debussy for solo piano. Published in 1910 within volume one of twenty-four piano preludes, the work captures the character of Debussy's style in terms of form harmony and content. The work is based on an ancient Breton myth in which a cathedral is submerged off the coast of the

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