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    What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction - Alex Parker

    Boy band sensation, One Direction, are the successful product of the reality TV programme, the X-Factor. The five boys originally entered the competition as solo artists, however Simon Cowell decided they’d be better off together. The rest as they say is history. Not only have they conquered the UK charts, but also successfully crossed the pond to be hits in the USA. Their BRIT award winning single, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ is a something a little bit different for a band’s concert programme and one that will certainly prick up the ears of younger listeners and players.

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    What Sweeter Music - John Rutter - Stephen Tighe

    John Rutter, born in 1945, has become a favourite amongst all sacred music lovers. His anthems and Christmas pieces all have a rich melodic base, and this piece is no exception. Arranged by Stephen Tighe, this beautiful work, with its typical sweet John Rutter style melody, has become a favourite across the globe during the festive season.

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    What a Friend! - Paul Sharman

    In this arrangement, the tune of 'What a friend' has been given a swing treatment that, hopefully, will give this old hymn a fresh appeal. This arrangement also offers soloist features.

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    What Now My Love - Gilbert Becaud - Ray Farr

    What Now, My Love was written in 1961 by composer Gilbert Becaud and lyricist Pierre Delanoe with the original title Et Maintenant.Very many top, internationally renowned artists have recorded this song including Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Shirley Bassey.Ray Farr has set the emotional song to the ostinato of Ravel's Bolero, and features several soloists from within the band.

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    What A Wonderful World - Brass Band

    This timeless classic of the Louis Armstrong smash hit 'What a wonderful world', as featured in the Robin Williams film ' Good Morning Vietnam' has been brought to your band in this wonderful new setting by Peter Ratnik. A must for any concert.

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