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    Concerto for Euphonium (Parts only) - Philip Wilby

    Completed on New Year's Eve 1995, Philip Wilby's concerto has already established itself as one of, if not the, greatest concerto for the instrument written so far. Its extended length seeks to explore that fine combination of sustained lyricism and explosive virtuosity which typifies the modern euphonium in the most expert hands. There are two parts which divide into four movements. Part One opens with a sonata structure movement which alternates between a melodic style and some rapid passage work. The intention of the music is a firm and cerebral development of the opening fourth-based motifs. At the tranquil conclusion of this music the second movement bursts in - Zeibekikos - a rapid and extrovert Greek Island dance complete with plate smashing! Part Two re-examines some of the opening material surrounded by cadenzas, and centred upon a short and sustained adagio. The final movement opens with a rapid fugal section which moves inexorably towards a climactic return of the music and tonality of the open

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    Consolation (Brass Band - Score only)

    Wer nur den lieben Gott lasst walten was composed by Georg Neumark in about 1641 and was subtitled 'Trostlied' literally meaning consolation song. Songbooks at the time showed the popularity of this song and it is still well-known today partly due to Johann Sebastian Bach's use of the melody for one of his own chorals. In Jan de Haan's arrangement the choral is heard twice, once, alternating with the original motif from the introduction and a second time, without interruption, reflecting the composer's original intention - a song of consolation. 03:10

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